Wednesday, 19 September 2018

R U N W A Y | Release Review

Brand new Runway! Starting off 'Fashion Month' we got a new Runway drop in the Plaza, unfortunately I was on holiday so couldn't be there for the release itself, luckily there were still pieces for me to pick up^ The advertising follows the same format as previous releases which I like and the models show off a range of clothing styles for the release =) 
Highlights This release has 2 floors with 4 outfits on each including one for the guys. This is pretty much on par with our previous releases of the store. The first floor is definitely the blue based bright one while the second store has a darker vibe to it, maybe with regular autumnal dressing more in mind. 
Accessories There is quite a generous number of accessories for the size of the store. There are 3 pairs of shoes; the Polka Dot Sandals which are super delicate in design which I love but was sad to miss. I didn't miss the boots though, which I was super excited about, I love both the Valentino Inspired Stud Boots and the Ganni Inspired Thigh High Boots! The Valentino's are heeled under the knee boots that just look so glamorous for a high boot, while the Ganni's are a smaller heel but have a great leather texture to them and a cool brown and black colour combination. There are 2 bags in the release, also loving both of them, the Assoulin Inspired Bucket Bag which has such a unique shape and is in the prettiest shade of pink, and then the Roksanda Inspired Striped Clutch which is styled similarly to a recent HB but has the most amazing fringing, beautiful colour combinations and a woven pattern, so much love for this piece, it's so intricate!
Clothing There's a pretty good mix of styles in the clothing of the release, I'm pretty happy with what there is. I usually start with dresses and these are pretty stand out in this store - I also don't normally wear gowns so why I panic bought them both is another thing, but they do look great on! The Assoulin Inspired Metallic Pleated Gown is a rainbow piece in a beautiful metallic tone, it's a maxi style with a halterneck and looks amazing on; the Valentino Inspired Dress is also a maxi but stops at the ankle, it's neutral with a pink floral design which is just super beautiful. It's knitted design is also pretty unique and stand out. Blue is popular on the first floor; really adore the pairing of the Assoulin Inspired Blazer and Pants, such a bright and bold fitted suit set. It looks smart and stylish, and I love the flare of the Pants. Also love the pieces with the orange printed Assoulin Inspired Blouse, a perfect piece^ Also pretty bright is the Balenciaga Inspired Cropped Sweater in a lime green and furry texture - I didn't like this one so much at first, but actually I really think it has grown on me, so a shame it's not still available. Of course I have to mention the skirt it's paired with in store, the Balenciaga Inspired Pleated Skirt which is a beautiful knee-length navy pleated piece with belting ... just beautiful!
Prices The prices for this release range from 25 to 125SD's, which seems about right for the pieces. It is a limited store, although there are still a few bits and pieces left, and a couple of pieces were SS only.
Styled Outfits I panic-bought quite a lot in the app with this release - oops! And because I wasn't able to snap as many features I've styled up two sets of looks, and plan to do a separate post with the bags next month too^ First up the shoes! Love the colouring on the Ganni Inspired Thigh High Boots so much, and love them with yellow^ Tried to step away from summer stylings a little, and although the colour of this overcoat works very well with the boots I think it covers them up a little too much, but the outfit works nevertheless. Love this striped bag with the boots too, the muted tones are perfect. For the Valentino Inspired Stud Boots I went for this pearled blazer-dress because I love the combined studded look - I've left the look too plain though, while I've added bags it's definitely lacking something!
Next up the dresses, which I'm not sure I'll ever get too much wear out of! On the left is the Valentino Inspired Dress, which I'm super pleased with how it looks on the doll, so pretty and elegant! I layered a pair of pink shorts underneath and that's worked very nicely for the sheer-ness of the piece, other pink accessories came naturally too - all I'm missing is the perfect pair of earrings^ Secondly the Assoulin Inspired Metallic Pleated Gown. I really did try to style this into a creative outfit, but nothing was looking very good to me, so I went natural with it and wore it how it was intended with just a clutch to match - the bag works very well, but I think I need an outfit with more to it than that! Despite loving it as a piece, I think it's just one that's not for me =(
Features And a couple of super cool features - first up frankieiz12 wearing the Assoulin Inspired Blouse which looks amazing with these spotted trousers, what a match! The blue patterning really pops out against the orange. The layered accessories are cool, love all of the different usage of bags, they all work equally well, can't get over this belt bag^
Secondly Isabella8103 styles up both the Ganni Inspired Thigh High Boots and the Roksanda Inspired Striped Clutch in this perfect autumnal styling - these colours are beautiful! Both pieces are perfect with these yellow culottes, all very complementary together, and I love the pink in the bag working with the pink in the glasses. The brown coat and belting are also pretty perfect with the yellow and are spot on for the season! 


  1. Do you advise buying the Valentino Inspired Dress? You've bought it yourself obviously, I'm thinking of still buying it but I wonder if you can make different outfits with it or it's really just one look type of piece

    1. I really like it, but I do think leans itself to a one-type of look piece - if you're not sure about it then maybe hang fire on purchasing, as there have been SS sales in the past where these limited collections are put on for half price if they're not selling out, but I can't guarantee that will happen!