Sunday, 9 September 2018

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

Finally reviewing our recent Antidote release - which although came with a few technical issues, was released after a long day of waiting^ The advertising, for me anyway, has kind of a typical Antidote vibe, it fits with what I see as the store aiming for and I think it shows off the pieces of the release quite well.
Highlights This was a two floor release with 9 looks to choose from, including one for the guys. For me it's very much 'Antidote' with a street-style influence to the pieces, so not entirely my thing but considering items individually really takes them to a different context. It came with a few glitches, apparently there were issues when it was released on the site, and it wasn't released on the app for a few days, which is problematic for those of us at work relying on an app release to buy the items - I still managed to pick up the pieces I wanted though^
Accessories Just bags and shoes in the accessories category, along with one belt, the Y Project Black Belt, a classic piece in black with a nice thick width that will definitely stand out in looks, and it has great placement on the doll. There are 3 pairs of shoes, a chunky styled pair, the Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots which aren't so much my thing, and then heels, the MONSE Inspired Loafer Heel and Checked Loafer Heel which I'm just loving! I really like the shape of these shoes, the pointed toe is current and I like the leather ankle strap. This design of shoe just looks really great on the doll, I'm super impressed with these^ There are 2 bags although I'm not feeling hugely enthusiastic about either of them. The Monse Inspired Leather Paper Bag has a minimal tan design, but it's just a piece that's not for me, and then the Velvet Briefcase which I like the burgundy and white stripes on, but it's just huge in size which is offputting for me.
Clothing So very street-style based designs in the clothing but there are definitely some standout pieces in the collection which I want to focus on. There are quite a few denim choices, mostly classic blue washes, with my favourite in that category being the International Monse Inspired Jean in blue straight leg style, but I'm quite fond of the Split Washed Cropped Jeans, which are black/grey with a raw cropped hem and a cool design at the waist. They're that something little bit different and so far they've stood out in all the looks I've seen them styled in - however from experience, I know I don't often dress my doll in jeans, so these aren't pieces missing from my wardrobe! A few other bottomhalves, the Trouser Flare Fringe which are the red tartan culottes are pretty cool, I like the draping on one leg although I'd prefer them if they weren't quite so low slung on the waist. And then also the Asymmetric Zipped Skirt, which is a leather midi piece with a draped and cutout hem, it definitely makes for an interesting style and I like it on, but it's just not for me. Of course, I like the two most minimal designs of the release - the Short Sleeve Shirt which is a classic white longline tee with a really nice fit, which sadly sold out quickly! And the Beige Silk Slip Dress which is super feminine with lace detailing and in a popular slip-dress style, I really love it^ The Pattern Book Slip Dress is also in that style, and I like the printing on it, however the cut of the piece doesn't flatter the doll at all, it's a little shapeless around the middle, it either needed to be looser or more fitted to work out nicely I think.
Prices This release ranged from 15 to 99SD's, which is very much fitting in perfectly with the previous releases, and as usual, all of the pieces are SS only for this store.
Styled Outfits Firstly I styled up the Beige Silk Slip Dress, which I've realised I don't like the top part so much once getting it on my doll in my suite, I think it's because of the short straps! Anyway, styled it up as a skirt and I really like how it looks, so many options for this I think =D Super minimal on the accessories, love a dark belt with this very neutral-based colour palette. And then the Checked Loafer Heel, which I think are going to be so great for autumn winter, they're just fab! This look is completely a winter styling too, with the dark coat and clothing, but I think it works and the tan of the coat goes super nicely with the checkered colour of the shoes, I'm just so happy with these!
Features And the features, I really like all of these as I think everyone's managed to get the pieces working in their own style and not just gone all-out with Antidote! Firstly Claudentia wearing the Checked Loafer Heel and the Monse Inspired Leather Paper Bag - I love the checked theme through the clothing, this coat is perfection with the shoes, and then  the yellow touches really make it pop! I'm particularly a fan of the thin belt and the sunglasses, looking awesome =)
Next up HermosaLisaGirl going for a more casual-focussed look wearing the International Monse Inspired Jean which I think look perfect in this styling! Love the ruffle bardot-style top, I think it's perfect and really pops with the denim against the black sleeves and black accessories used in the styling^
Thirdly, kikinha_25 going for the feminine styling with the Beige Silk Slip Dress. I love the layering with this white polo, and I think the sheeny pink heels and sheer starred socks are the perfect accessory for the dress, they really stand out and drew me into this styling!
And rounding up the features, Mia1435 wearing the GCDS Inspired Embroidered Bodysuit which is looking very sleek paired with this smart navy pencil skirt, I really like it^ The accessories are fitting to the shirt with a nude hue, the boots and earrings are especially great =D


  1. Where is the brown coat coming from?

    1. Which are you referring to? The one in my look is from Subcouture and the one in the look from Claudentia is from Royalty