Saturday, 29 September 2018

M S W 1 8 S T O R E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We got a second MSW Store release shortly after the first - I do think it was an improvement, but the styles are still very dressed up! The pieces are a little formal for me, but I love the colours, they're rich and the designs are detailed. I do quite like the look of the Wrap Effect Sequinned Tulle Mini Dress, but the shape comes across as a little odd and not well fitting, on the other hand the colour and glittering are beautiful! Someone who does wear the Wrap Effect Sequinned Tulle Mini Dress well is belindaSempre, it looks amazing on^ I don't think it looks quite so awkward on this doll, and it's been accessorised beautifully, because with this piece it's all about the accessory additions as it's all that is needed in terms of clothes. Love the sparkling earrings and the adorable handheld jewelled green bag chosen^
So while I'm yet to buy the Dress, I have very much enjoyed the accessories - they're much more versatile^ The Golden Tied Knot Sandals Beige are a pretty classic pair of strapped sandals in a neutral tone, so I'll probably pick those up at some point but for now I've bought the Multi Coloured Transparent Bag and the Triple Drop Earrings. They're definitely a complementary set and I've styled them together in the two different looks, the first a little dressy and they really pop with this beige-tone dress and matching heels, and secondly somewhat casual (although nothing about these shoes is casual!) with a pop of yellow which I love with these pieces. It's a colour that works so well with all of the tones in both the Bag and Earrings and I'll definitely wear them with more pieces of this colour =)

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