Wednesday, 5 September 2018

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A few weeks back now we got a brand new PEARLS release, which was a little different to what we've had in the store in the past! While it has the vintage touch of the previous floors, there's a glamorous influence to the new pieces - with sparkles and velvet and great silhouettes and cuts to the pieces. I didn't feel so much like doing a full review for this release, but still styled it up and found some amazing features to show^
First up _miskis wearing the Satin Shirt, Oversized Coat and Metallic Heels, they look great together and very unlike the classic PEARLS pieces. I love the look using these silver and navy trousers, they look so awesome in this outfit, perfect with these new pieces. The Coat adds a more casual styling to the look, but I think it works very nicely and looks super smart =)
And AvrilkaTH13 next, wearing the Tweed Coat, which is a menswear piece but looks fabulous in this female styling! The tones in it always looked very green to me, but surprisingly it's great with the silver base to this look, I really love it^ The white chain combination dress looks awesome anyway, but great with the Coat and its texture. Especially loving the silver bag with the floral addition, super cute for this styling. 
And then I styled up my pieces! I really like these items from the collection, they're really quite unexpected from PEARLS! Firstly the Feathered Jacket, which is super beautiful in both shape and colour, I love the lilac tone, it's so pretty^ Styled up with these indigo and floral trousers, the dark tone really helps the lilac pop. While it's a more casual styling for the piece, it's definitely got versatility in it =) Secondly the Silk Printed Scarf which is so cute, I'm kinda a sucker for a cute neck-scarf, and this one isn't an expensive one so I decided to give it a go. Love the combination of emerald and purple with the tan print, it's something that little bit different. Paired with more purple, the coat is a great fit, and the white shirt beneath gives the colours of the Scarf something to pop out from - and paired that up with the white accessories, which I really like the look of^ And finally the Satin Shirt - it's a little hidden in the store, but such a gem! It's got a fantastic fit and overall shape, it just looks so great. The colour is more cream than white, and the satin texture really shines. Styled up with sweet pink lace, I love the pairing with the skirt. I definitely struggled to pick the right accessories for this one though, I don't think I did a great job but I think the pieces work out ok.

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