Tuesday, 18 September 2018

L'Air de Panache

When I picked up the Monse inspired Leather Paper Bag from the Antidote release, it was one of the only things still left in stock. I thought it was super cute though - it's very me because it's super impractical and a bit nostalgic.
Throwing aside the actual, real life bag that it's based on for a minute, it really reminded me of The Grand Budapest Hotel film and its iconic production design. The Helvetica style font and brown paper is juuuust reminiscent enough of Mendl's that I couldn't let it go so pretend for a minute that Monse never existed and enjoy this pastel production lightly inspired by Wes Anderson.

If I was really committed, I'd have made this super symmetrical but I'm scheduling this post at 1 am so it is what it is.

This is lightly Wes Anderson inspired mostly because I'm happy to do the cliche, but I don't want to do the cliche too hard. I've seen enough 'What if X film was directed by Wes Anderson' hot-take youtube videos. 

So how do you do light Wes Anderson? If you touch on the following things, your look is vaguely successful:
Tailoring (extra points for preppy school wear)
Knitwear (extra points if it's HEINOUS)
Sportswear (no need for luxe, extra points if it's blue or red)
A mid-century fashion silhouette reference (the mini-skirt for example)
A pastel-ish colour palette and / or mustard yellow
Lashings of black eyeliner 

Voila! It's literally that easy. I think I've managed to check off most of these. It's not perfect but it's the maximum amount of effort I'm willing to make! 

Now make sure that your doll is in the DEAD CENTRE of your suite and surrounded by a carefully curated collection of peculiar salvaged objects. Maybe eat a Courtesan au chocolat and punch someone in the face. Run away with your childhood love. Chase a jaguar shark. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Double Breasted Blush Blazer | Mr.
Beige Turtleneck Sweater | Mr.
Sheer Tuille Body | Limited Edition
Sash Bandeau Tee | Callie's Picks
Faux Suit Dress | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Beige Patent Boots | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Miranda Baby Blue Belt | Young Hollywood
Monse Inspired Leather Paper Bag | Antidote
Forget Me Not True Love | Suite Shop
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute

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