Saturday, 22 September 2018

N E L L Y | Release Review

I'm super excited for this brand new Nelly! It's been so long since our last release - December 2016 to be exact and that's too long^ There's always some gems in these releases that I get a lot of wear from, so I'm looking forward to delving in. The advertising looks pretty casual but I like the inclusion of the leopard printed background and the pink!
Highlights The release is one floor, however in the past Nelly releases have come with 2 parts so there could be another floor soon^ There's a mix of styles so hopefully something for everyone!
Accessories The accessories are focused on shoes and bags, which is fine by me because they are amazing! The Double Strap Heel Sandals are a beautiful versatile black shoe. The straps have a nice design and are quite thin, as is the heel so they're not too chunky - a good alternative to a few of the pairs we've previously had in the Plaza! And the bags, just so beautiful too^ I adore the Studded Ring Bag, it's a Chloe-esque design which I really like, I like the handheld style with the loop and the long strap hanging, the size is just right, and it's white with gold detailing! So much to love about it! It's been designed very well too. And then the Shoulder Bag which is a black bag which really pairs quite well with the other one as a set in this release - this piece is worth zooming in on because it has such a great texture to it, beautiful gold details and a super intricate design. I'm very impressed with the small things which have gone into the accessories!
Clothing And now for the clothes! I will start with denim because it's definitely a section of the store which catches your attention when you see it - there are 4 pieces in the classic blue wash. Two pairs of jeans, the Cropped Wide Jeans which are very much as the name suggests and are very wide and really quite nice, and then the Revive Jeans which are high waisted, cropped and a straight leg with a rip - I definitely prefer the first of the two, so many options for wide leg styles which are very 'in' currently. Then there is the Denim Fitted Shirt, which I love the tight fit to and the very cool half-tuck that is going on. This has a slightly darker wash to it. And lastly the Denim Dress which is something a little bit different - it has a pinafore-type style with a midi length and buttons down the front. I really quite like the look of this dress, I'm super tempted but I'm still unsure of the versatility, so I think I need to see some others giving it a go first before making my mind up^ Away from denim, leopard print has a heavy feature in this store too - I kinda love it! There's a good range of pieces too, the Cozy Corduroy Jacket, Velvet Leo Skirt and the Leopard Palazzo Pants to cover all types of looks. The design of them all is good, the print looks very nice on each of them which I'm pleased about, as animal prints can be hit or miss! And the fit of all the pieces is quite nice too - initially I wasn't sure on the Leopard Palazzo Pants, but a little re-size of them on my doll crushed those worries and they are my new favourite trousers, I'm so glad we have them =D Another pair of trousers in this release which are pretty great are the Slit Pants, which are a slim fitting pair of black trousers with a little slit up the ankle. These are very flattering on and fit the doll perfectly - there's been a few pairs of slit trousers like these in the past, I'm thinking these might be my favourite, but I'll have to do a proper comparison! And then just a few more pieces to mention, the Game Over T Shirt is pretty cute, it's cropped with multicoloured lettering and has a nice neat fit on the doll. And of course, the Velvet Leo Jacket, a name which is deceiving (I think they've put the wrong tags on the jackets actually as the other name isn't quite right either!) as it is pink and corduroy with a furry trim! Such a cute autumn/winter piece for sure =D
Prices This release ranges from 13 to 25SD's and this fits with previous releases and seems right for the pieces. Plus nothing is limited or SS/Royalty only =)
Styled Outfits Loved styling up these pieces, they were so much fun to style and easy to work with! You'll have seen my look with the Leopard Palazzo Pants already in this months Plaza Picks, so I didn't style them up here and instead styled everything else I've bought so far. Firstly the Slit Pants with the Double Strap Heel Sandals in a super smart look with this white shirt, a twist on office-ready looks! Loving the accessories on this one too, I think the trousers just look so great and really stand out in the look. Secondly the Shoulder Bag which I styled up with matching dark booties then bold with the yellow dress - it's a minimal styling but I think it works well in highlighting the accessories in the outfit. And thirdly the Studded Ring Bag which I am loving so much, it's such a bargain for the style^ I really wanted to pair it with boots for some reason and I'm loving the white-on-white with this shirt dress, the bag still definitely stands out. And golden glasses, I think these are a perfect finish =D
Features And now for the features - first up Jacquemus styling up the Leopard Palazzo Pants in a very cool relaxed style paired with bright white trainers and this loose leather jacket. Black works great with the print and really highlights the tan tone of the trousers. Love the short slicked hair and the hoop earrings with the look too =)
Marta-43 wears both the Studded Ring Bag and the Track Pants which are a great contrast in styles paired together. While I'm not a fan of this sweater, I think it works in the styling well, the slouched fit looks good with the trousers and I like the streetstyle of the yellow boots paired with the more glamorous glasses and red lips^
Also wearing the Studded Ring Bag in something a little brighter is miss.privacy, this look is so up my street in terms of the style and vibes^ Despite the voluminous skirts of the white dress, I think the bag still very much stands out, and looks awesome. The look is accessorised particularly well overall too, loving the fringed belting and the use of the trainers!
And last up in the features, tolady wearing the Cropped Wide Jeans in a cool streetstyle based look. I love the loose shirt hem with the style and I think they work quite well with the oversizing of the jacket, I always worry about that when styling wider-leg trousers, but I think this works nicely! Love the accessories, especially the trainers, they work great with these Jeans =D 

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