Saturday, 29 September 2018

Together in Paris

This look began life because I bought the HotBuys Vetements Inspired Floral Dress from Velvet Orchid. It's a cute dress, but the free gloves that came with it were even cuter. Hence why the dress is nowhere to be seen.

This turned out accidentally Parisian, but you can't really expect to wear a beret and Breton stripes without someone suggesting you might be french. 

I had a nightmare choosing shoes for this because when you're wearing gloves it instantly makes strappy shoes look stupid - cold hands, but warm feet? Okay....
I never quite found the shoe I was looking for so these boots are very much a compromise, but you can't win them all. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
HotBuys Vetements Inspired Floral Gloves | Velvet Orchid
Jourdan Striped Sweater | Young Hollywood
HotBuys Navy Over Shoulder Biker | Bonjour Bizou
HotBuys Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants | It Girls
Denim Veil Beret | Dior Couture Tribute
Architect Work Briefcase | 9to5
Loose Knee High Boot | Nelly.com

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