Tuesday, 25 September 2018

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I haven't posted about these Limited RE-Edition releases before, but we've had quite a few now - I've not really felt like any of the releases have been much to talk about, but this time around I was online when this came out so had good time to browse and actually found a couple of pieces I wanted to try out =) So I decided to do a styled post and then spotted the fabulous ManiakPupili who I had to feature wearing the Buckle Harness Belt and North Shore Surf Bag - it pops in this look against the slim fitting black and white base to the look. I love the little details like the fishnet socks and the earrings and thin sunglasses. Of course this handheld raincoat is the perfect colour match, it's been so long since I've seen anyone work with this but it's perfect here, love this look overall =D
And then my stylings! I bought 3 pieces from the release and styled up 5 looks from them. First up the Light Cross Knit Jumper, which is quite sheer, which isn't so much me, but is coloured with black and silver which are very much me - so I've given it a chance^ I found it fun to work with and it wasn't difficult to pair into looks especially with the number of silver pieces I have to choose from. I definitely took advantage of using outerwear to cover up the sheer quality, but actually it's not all that sheer and it comes across more as a sheen. My favourite piece to wear with this Knit though are definitely the LE cross-hatched trousers, the crossing on the two pieces is a great match, they just fit so nicely together and will be awesome for winter I think^
Then I bought some accessories - firstly a re-buy, the Metal Shell Purse which I previously owned. I don't remember when I sold it, but I really liked styling it again and will definitely be hanging onto this one. And secondly the LE Black Visor Glasses which I bought more on a whim but I quite like the look of^ All of the outfits are black with small details added and maybe a little something glamorous in the shoes choices along with the LE accessories which helps them to pop in the stylings. I'm particularly loving the green Gucci boots with the Purse in the first styling, and then the studs and pearls with the Glasses in the second and third looks respectively =)

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