Tuesday, 11 September 2018


I'm still getting over my illness so I feel pretty grumpy and delicate. This look is 100% inspired by the fact that I just want to walk around in a massive sleeping bag with arms and legs. Snug as a bug in an Autumn rug. It is September after all. 

This look ticks all my lazy boxes - graphic black, a dramatic swathe of fabric that could hide another whole person in it, a messy ponytail under a beanie, a pop of colour and some shades should I see anyone I know and wish to avoid. Finish it off with some boots and you are well equipped to stomp to the coffee shop stylishly then and immediately back home to binge watch Chef's Kitchen and eat biscuits. 

I may be projecting again.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Demon Jacket | Bod Mod
Sk8r Beanie
Zebra Style Sunglasses | Inspired by Fendi Tribute
Right Arm Closed Palm | Strike a Pose
Inspired by Dior Bag | Fashion
Black Pantyhose | Fallen Angel
HotBuys Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots | Fallen Angel

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