Sunday, 23 September 2018

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We recently got a new drop of Wild Candy - not really my sort of store but a few super cute pieces that are worth mentioning! This is an all SC store as usual, so accessible for everyone and these releases hang around for a while, so there's no worry that the pieces will soon disappear. First up a few features: gorgeous__chloe styles up the Tulle Maxi Skirt which is a beautiful teal piece which I think everyone is loving! It looks awesome in this super smart and styling look, which totally fits with my style vibes^ It looks perfect paired with white in this shirt and the bag, and the golden accents are great. Love the black touches added, these boots are surprisingly perfect with the Skirt =D
Next up kikinha_25 is wearing the Drape Top which is a super dressy cami in a great golden metallic tone, what's not to love?! The tone is perfect paired with these Gucci-printed trousers. Love the use of these metallic-strapped heels in the look, those are the perfect style for the top^ This is such a glamorous piece for the store and I think it will get a lot of wear, particularly in the winter party season!
And my stylings! I've just bought the Tulle Maxi Skirt so far but really loved working with it - I was worried at first that only black or white or neutral-styled pieces would work with it, but I found so many choices in my wardrobe =D First up this cute floral print, I think it helps that the shirt is partially sheer so it's not too heavy, but added darker accessories - these boots really were the only choice in this look^ Secondly I've gone for something nude, I liked the feminine feel to the piece and it allows a range of accessories, naturally I didn't veer far with a gold belt and nude heels (haha), but these heels are so classic with the tone of the skirt! The heels+skirt are a combination I would definitely re-wear. And finally something more fun and playful maybe, this recent LE top is just the perfect base tone for the skirt, I'm loving it! Picked out the peach (again) from the top to choose accessories, so much love for this tone combination, it's unusual but I think it looks really great^ I do have to say I found getting bags to work with this Skirt quite a challenge, I think it's because of the sheer tulle layers and the volume it has. Something cross body or over one shoulder should work out ok, but for these looks I struggled to find something in just the right size - some trial and error needed I think =D

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