Monday, 10 September 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | September 2017

I do think the September 2017 Hotbuys were a firm favourite, a great selection of pieces and pretty much spot on for the season, Stardoll sure kept me happy that month^ In fact I got on so well with this release of Hotbuys that I still have the majority of them and some of these pieces are ones I reach for a lot, in particular both pairs of shoes, the Patent Cream Court Heels and Patent Red Mules which I just get so much wear out of, so I'm pleased about that! I also have worn the Reds Puzzle Bag a fair bit and more recently I've been into wearing the Knitted Corset Top a lot more too. So today choosing away from all of those pieces and styling the Cut Out Turtleneck and the Polka Wrap Skirt:
As a set, I'm very pleased with these two looks, I think they work together really well! With the top, I went all black, somewhat unintentionally, but I love that this hairstyle really lets the cutout section be shown. Seeing as I already had one gold earrings I paired up my accessories with gold accents and I think overall this look works well to highlight the top^ With the skirt, and still keeping a little light and summery by going with mostly white, the bold black accessories work well with the polka dots - while I see this skirt as more of a spring/summer piece, I didn't wear it much at all in spring or summer this year, I think this outfit does have an autumn transitional vibe to it, so maybe there is a little life left in it for this year still!

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