Monday, 8 October 2018

Pointy Tweede Heels | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I find so much inspiration for my purchases and stylings from other members, and this look from millaxx really influenced me to pull the Pointy Tweede Heels from PEARLS out of my wardrobe and onto my doll! They're a great style, love the fabric but also the small point to the toe and the kitten-block heel^
I love how casual they look in millaxx's look, they really stand out when paired with the jeans - I would never have though to go for blue denim with them really. I love how relaxed the vibe to the look is with the loose white tee but smartened up with the blazer and the elegant bag. Also really loving those snazzy sunglasses in the look, those are fab! I therefore took inspiration and also chose denim for my look, but going in my safety zone of black! These do have a different hem though, so not completely boring! The rest of the look may be deemed boring by being all-black, but I loved using the different textures, like the ribbed knit and the bow belt, topping it off with this fringed coat, I really quite like the end result! I tried to pick out a bag, but nothing worked out quite right, so that will be a step for the next time =)

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