Sunday, 21 October 2018

B A S I C S | Release Review

Apologies, this post was going to come out last Sunday but LE happened instead, but finally my BASICS review! It's been some time since we got a BASICS release and usually there are a few good pieces to be had so I'm excited about this one - the advertising is looking pretty good =D
Highlights So this time round, not every item comes in every colour of the rainbow, so there's some focus with this collection, there's black and white, then a small selection of other tones, I don't mind this either way. There's a mix of styles, so I think everyone will find something that works for them!
Clothing The first floor has a focus on denim, I don't find myself too bothered, while I think it's great to have one style in a range of washes, I don't wear jeans all that much anymore on my doll. The black pairs don't look so much black as an indigo blue but I think these jeans have all been designed very nicely and they do all have a great fit on the doll - but both the Skinny and Mom Jeans are quite cropped though, so beware of that if you like a longer length. I love the choices on the second page though, the Basic Coats are absolutely beautiful! The design is fantastic and the fit on the doll is perfect, these are great autumn/winter staples, and what a plus for them to be available to everyone! I really like all of the colours, but my first picks were definitely the Black and Pink, with Taupe and Grey coming quickly in second place. Such great pieces and the colours for these are perfect^ The Cropped Tops Longsleeved are also pretty cute, love the off-shoulder style and the frill trim on them, I like that there's a Striped one, but am also pretty pleased with the Black, White and Pink for my doll. The Basics Track Pants are a good addition to the store, and I think they come following the success of the Gucci pair in the August Hotbuys! While they're not an item for me, I can see they'll be a popular choice, in particular the Pink as I think these will be super easy to style. Also liking the Cropped Sweatshirts, again a style that I wouldn't typically choose, but I can see the appeal - I've bought the Pink because I think it'll be easy to style but also a fun challenge to work with something different =)
Prices All of the pieces are in SC's - hooray! Such a bonus, but buying several pieces does still add up quickly, so many need a little time to get everything - the prices range from 100 to 250SC's.
Styled Outfits So I've gone with pink in my purchasing choices and I'm super pleased with it, I really like these outfits =D First up the Cropped Sweatshirt Pink, I'm not convinced how I feel about the zipper yet, but I like this outfit with it, it definitely adds a warmer feel with the higher neckline. I love it layered up with the tweed skirt and the neutral jacket, while it's a perfect fit with this bag, I'm so pleased about that! And secondly the Basics Coat Pink which I am just in love with! I had so much fun styling this coat, there are so many options for it and this time I had fun adding tweed to the look, I love this twist of pink for autumn, and the touches of yellow look great^
Features And for the features - first we have millaxx styling up the Basics Coat Grey and looking great =D The layered greys look really great, the touches of black in the look pop out, they're not too overwhelming and the greys really do get the focus. The longline style looks really good with the midi skirt, such a cute styling^
Secondly we have lulluplix styling the Cropped Sweatshirt Taupe and it really pops in this look! It looks really nice against the light wash of the denim and the light of the coat, the dark boots add a really nice contrast. I'm loving the accessories, the belt and the long glamorous earrings look fab in the casual styling =)
And finally with a bright choice, Bianca.Vos going for all the red pieces - the Basics Track Pants Red, Cropped Sweatshirt Red and Basics Coat Red! The pieces look fab together and do each manage to hold their own. Super interesting to combine all of this layering but I think it works, the black leather is a great contrast and really makes the look pop!

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