Saturday, 27 October 2018

Catch a Tan

There's not a lot of thought behind this look today. The new LE Decor inspired me to give my suite a little shake up and I thought a nice tan look would suit it. 

I was going to keep it monochromatic but I liked this belt a lot on the coat so I brought in some more black. This bag is just the bottom of a pretty'n'love bag with flowers. I think it works very well as a chic clutch in this scenario. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Sleeveless White Turtleneck | PPQ of Mayfair
Midi Dress | Nelly.com
Leather Trench Coat | Subcouture
Stripe White Black Belt | Vinyl
Raven Gloves | Bod Mod
Hot Buys Carro Armato Boots | Original Future
Bring Me Flowers Tote | Pretty'n'Love

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