Friday, 26 October 2018

I T G I R L S | Release Review

It Girls is definitely one of my top stores, so I'm excited to have a new release for the autumn from them! The advertising looks super fun, I love the pink-hued background and I think the models look fab and are showing off some great styles from the release =)
Highlights This release is a regular size one-floor release for the store with 18 pieces available to choose from. It's very much themed on current trends and colours for the season - animal print is a popular choice and we're getting a little more than just leopard, which I love^
Accessories Some super fun accessories in the range with this release. There are two pairs of boots, but for me the High Heel Ankle Boots are the superior pair, the heel height is perfect as is the height up the ankle - of course the tanned snake print catches my eye. It's something we've definitely been lacking in the Plaza which is super popular in street style right now and I'm pleased we have these boots now! I also love the Faux Fur Bucket Bag, it's the only bag in the release, and again it's a bit of a trend piece that I'm not sure will be timeless, but it's fun for right now =) I love the tone of the yellow, it's definitely a pop of colour for looks. The Studded Belt is another cute piece, I think it will be super versatile.
Clothing The yellow pieces in the clothing sure do stand out! There are 4 of them - the Checked Miniskirt, On The Shoulders Yellow Sweater, Yellow Turtleneck Jumper and Frill Top. For me the latter two really pop out, while the Frill Top looks like it will be great in summer, the darker tone is a good one, and for my doll anyway, works well with the skintone. This dark shade also makes it work ok with darker pieces like blacks - I think this one will pick up some more popularity in the next spring and summer season, while the Yellow Turtleneck Jumper is great for now! Love the colour and the shape of it, plus the half-tuck, that's a super cute styling detail =D Of course animal print is the next feature of the clothing, with 3 pieces available in leopard and snake print - two skirts, the Animal Print Skirt in leopard which is pretty much a Stardoll version of the very popular Realisation Par one which is stunning, and then the Snake Print Midi Skirt, which is in snake print and a more muted black and white colouring which possibly might make it an easier piece to wear. I really like both pieces, I don't have a favourite and I'm excited to style them =) Then lastly is the Snake Print Shirt, which is cropped into a tuck style, has an unbuttoned V neck and cute rolled sleeves. I like the brown-based colouring for this piece, it looks like it will be pretty versatile for this season and I think it's a good staple to have in terms of animal printed pieces!
Prices The release ranges from 9 to 20SD's which I think is pretty good, there are also a couple of pieces to be had in SC's. And nothing is SS or Royalty only =D
Styled Outfits I loved working with these new pieces, I say that every time, but I really do love styling fresh items^ Again I've styled up the pieces I bought that aren't featured in the features below. First up the Frill Top and the Faux Fur Bucket Bag - this bag really works well with most looks to be honest, super fun to style^ I chose minimal black trousers for this look, I attempted some different colours, but nothing was quite right while the black added a smarter touch to the styling, and the other yellow accessories really tie the look together. Secondly the Yellow Turtleneck Jumper and High Heel Ankle Boots and I just love this outfit so much! Ok, the skirt makes it a little more summer to autumn than autumn to winter, but I just love the combination so much! The yellow works well with the boots and they really pop out with their darker tone and the length of the leg on show, super pleased with this and will definitely wear again! And finally the Snake Print Midi Skirt in a much darker styling than the first two looks, and definitely works into winter. The use of black in the rest of the look really highlights the printing on the skirt which I love, I think there's a lot of options for this piece in stylings like this^ 
Features And now for the features =D First we have Isabella8103 wearing the Animal Print Skirt in this very animal-based ensemble! I don't think it's too much at all, and even with the other prints, the skirt still attracts all of the attention. Love the belting combination, I think that works really nicely to split the top and skirt and the rest of the accessories are working it too - particularly loving the deep lip colour =D
Next up we have miss.privacy wearing the Snake Print Shirt as a layering piece which you can just see under the coat. It works really nicely in this look, the black base makes the browns pop and even the shirt still pops against the tone of the coat. Love the accessories in this one too, the boots are the perfect choice and those earrings are eye catching!
Thirdly is aby400 wearing the It Girls Bucket Hat in this perfect autumnal styling =D The hairstyle is perfect for the hat, the slickness on the top with the flick at the bottom looks great, and of course I love the clothing. The black base with the polo and trousers works great with the hat and the touches of brown are good for autumn^
And finally ClemenceMoss making use of one of the tweed pieces, the Textured Coat, in this smart styling! The colour of the tweed works well with the black and white shirt and skirt set, it looks super office ready^ I like the use of the quilting on the bag, it adds a Chanel feel to the tweed =) 

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