Friday, 5 October 2018

N E L L Y | Release Review

And here is part 2 of our Nelly release - I knew this was coming as Nelly floors have been released like this in the past =) Definitely some different vibes in this floor to the last one, but I think the advertising is cute and shows somewhat a variety in the pieces, let's see what it's like in store!
Highlights This release has 6 looks in it, so 1 smaller than the last release, and not so much a divide in the styles features either - everything in this floor kinda just fits together very nicely. Initially I wasn't such a fan of these pieces, but I do think after a little while they've really grown on me and I'm happy with these additions to the store =D
Accessories Quite a few pieces with this release, and quite an emphasis on shoes - there are 4 pairs to choose from in a great range of styles! Two pairs of boots, the Tweed Boots which look perfect for winter with their dark tone and texture and then the Point Boots which I think will be popular as the shape is pretty much perfection, I'm loving the white body to the boot then the blue heel, it's stunning! Then two pairs of heels, the Faux Fur Sandals in such a pretty pink and the Knot Vintage Heels which are so detailed - I've not picked these up at the minute, but I think they will be great spring and summer shoes. There are two pairs of sunglasses, which is fun, the Stars Sunglasses which make everyone look cool but I'm not sure how much I would wear them and then the Trendy Sunglasses which I just love the name for^ And then jewellery! You can only see the Heavy Layered Necklace which is a gold chain-linked piece in the store but there are also the Hoop Earrings which are completely on trend right now and they have a great colour to them =)
Clothing I still think there are a few questionable pieces that I'm not on board with yet, but for the most part, I quite like this release of clothing! Knitwear and jackets feature heavily - for sure the Short Pink Faux Fur Coat catches my eye, but how often can you wear a pink furry coat?! Something a little more wearable is definitely the Notched Collar Jacket in a safe tan colour with a very nice and unique fit on the doll. I like the retro feel to this one as well^ I mention knitwear and the eyes immediately go to the Chunky Roll Neck Knit, a beautiful oversized sweater in a great emerald green colour, it's just a stunning piece with a great fit and design! Or for something thinner there is the Retro Jacquard Knit which has the somewhat unusual combination of green and yellow with stripes and a print, there's a lot going on, but I knew I wanted to purchase it as soon as I saw it! And lastly I want to mention the denim inclusion in this release - both indigo dark washes which I really like, I think both the Baggy Contrast Denim and Detailed Denim Skirt look great and very smart. I've seen so many people styling up the Skirt, it's definitely a surprise winner from this release^
Prices This release ranges from 9 to 27SD's, with only 2 items over the 20SD mark and nothing is SS/Royalty only either - a pretty good one I'd say!
Styled Outfits Loved working with these pieces - first the Retro Jacquard Knit looking great with all this green! The dark green really makes the printing on the sweater pop out and the yellow and striped cuffs really stand out against the tones. Love these sheeny boots for something a little special^ Secondly the jewellery, both the Heavy Layered Necklace which looks great under this open-collar shirt and the Hoop Earrings which play with the orange of the trousers but will look good in so many outfits! I used gold in the rest of the accessories and I think it really works out nicely for this styling! And finally the Point Boots which of course I styled with one of my favourite pairs of blue trousers =) I absolutely love this combination, it's edgy (for me anyway^) and I think it really stands out, the amount of blue is just right =D
Features And now the amazing features, I think everyone is loving this release! Jacquemus is wearing both the Detailed Denim Skirt and the Tweed Boots in this perfect winter look! I love the black base with the polo and the tights then this amazing velvet-looking blazer, both Nelly pieces really pop out, especially loving that denim! The bags are very cool too, love the combination of the mini pieces, the colours both fit in and stand out^
A couple of looks with the Chunky Roll Neck Knit next, this one is from frankieiz12, styling it up with navy which I love the look of! This skirt is very cool with the sweater, I like the loose shapes to the styling. The bag and earrings are a great glamorous addition and the trainers are super fun - the pale colours stands out, but I quite like it^
And then millaxx also wears the Chunky Roll Neck Knit in a totally different styling looking a little (just a touch) casual with these jeans, I love the fit of them, the straight leg is great right now, and I like the ankle between the hem and the boot. Nothing about the accessories is casual though, this bag is draping jewels^ Also love the sunglasses, earring combination (yep, that's two pairs) and the ring!
And something brighter, pradavsversace styling the Retro Jacquard Knit in this yellow based look! It's so perfect with these trousers, I wish I'd come up with the combination myself^ Anyway, the accessories are perfect too, I like the black edge added in the belt and the boots (a great wear for these September HB's!) and the belt bag is great too, the yellow tone is just right =)

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