Wednesday, 10 October 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | October 2017

I really can't believe that some of these HBs came out a year ago, I feel like I've been styling them for years! For me there were some clear 'hits' with this release, but also some 'misses' - I could never really get my head around styling the Navy Knitted Half Cape for one! I have loved styling the accessories though, the Chloe Inspired Light Blue Sunglasses and Moss Green Chloe Inspired Bag have been fantastic additions to my wardrobe and I've worn them countless times. I have sold a few of the pieces, but the two I'm super excited to revisit today are the Burberry Inspired Knitted Skirt and the Burberry Inspired Knit:
I say this a lot, but I love this set! I'm so happy with how these looks turned out, I really think you need a fresh set of eyes when styling a lot of pieces to see different ways on how to work with things. I found I had quite a few different options for the skirt, I had laid out my choices and was working on finishing them off when I put on this pink coat and my mind was made up - I absolutely love this outfit! The tones are quite varied in the skirt which is why I think there are lots of choices for it, it goes well with dark and light tones and the knit style is perfect for autumn! With the sweater I have to say I loved how I styled it the first time around^ I wanted to try out oranges to pull those tones out from the sweater, but didn't have the perfect trousers or skirt, so I chose green instead and actually I quite like the outcome =) The boots are a good neutral choice, I tried out a few orange pairs and while I liked them they weren't quite right! Love this new HB bag with the look too, it's great with the tones in the knit^

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