Sunday, 7 October 2018

B I Z O U | Release Review

A release perfect for autumn - new Bizou! We haven't had new Bizou since the spring, so I'm super excited for these new pieces^ I really love the advertising for this one, it looks seasonal and the dolls show off a range of pieces and also autumnal makeup looks =)
Highlights This is the perfect autumn release, just look at all those amazing colours and tones!!! It's quite a small release this time, not quite a whole floor, but it's a pretty great one with a range of designs aimed at autumn and winter dressing with some fabulous eye-catching additions =)
Accessories While the number of accessories is small at 5, there sure are fantastic inclusions! There are 3 pairs of shoes, and I'd say 2/3 are very successful^ Loving the Burgundy High Leather Boots for sure, they are great for autumn and winter and I love the sheen to them as well as the colour, a little different from black, and they fit on the doll very well. Also enjoying the Tan Court Shoes which are definitely more autumnal with their open design and light tan leather - I like the shape to these, it definitely stands out! The Burgundy Gold Circle Bag is also pretty beautiful - the colour is perfect and the golden circular handle is still very trendy, a firm autumn/winter favourite^
Clothing With only 10 pieces, it's a pretty small collection but does cover most of your autumn and winter needs. There are quite a few denim pieces on offer - there are almost only so many pairs of raw hem mom-jean-style jeans that one person needs, but in case you haven't had your fill, the Cut Out Lightwash Jeans fit the style perfectly. They do fit well, there's nothing wrong with them, but there have been many many similar pairs in the Plaza before. For something different there's the Dark Bell Bottom Jeans which look pretty sleek thanks to their deep colour wash, they almost seem black, so probably have quite good versatility. They are quite long though, so not much room for showing off cool shoes. There are a couple of dresses, with one just being the standout favourite - the Paisley Red Dress, for me it just sums up autumnal styles, and of course the red is my favourite autumn tone^ The shape is a classic one but has great pleating and ruffling details, and I love the long sleeves and hem length =) And a couple of coats, they're both pretty good but I definitely fell for the Leopard Trench Coat, it might be one of the most beautiful things I've seen^^ It's exactly what I needed for my doll but didn't know it^ Such a great trend piece, it has a great fit and length and the leopard printing is a good one - and although it's not in the store it does come with a backpiece too! And lastly two top-halves, which are both super pretty pieces. Firstly the Graphic White Collar Blouse which fits in perfectly with the navy an red stripe design, the white collar and cuffs are cute additions. And then the V Neck Jumper Oversized which looks super cosy, I love the beige colour and the knit pattern it has. The oversized style looks really good on, good for layering and versatility =)
Prices The release ranges from 12 to 21SD's, which is pretty fine - and there's a couple of pieces in SC's too which is fab! And nothing is SS/Royalty limited which is also good =D
Styled Outfits I bought quite a lot from this release, and am styling up the pieces that I haven't featured in the looks below - I'm super stoked to wear the Leopard Trench Coat! So first up the Graphic White Collar Blouse with my favourite burgundy trousers, these pieces are such a great fit, the blouse is smart yet still cute and I think there will be plenty of styling options for it =) Next the Burgundy High Leather Boots which I am just loving for their shine! It really pops against anything, so a skirt to show off the legs of the boots was a must - love this red, I think it makes an eye catching style. Something a little more bold than my usual, but I really like it for these boots^ And lastly the Tan Court Shoes which are super fun to work with, I love tan and white a lot, this overcoat helps the white really work in an autumnal styling, and I love using this bag too, I think it really works perfectly in a styling like this and I think this outfit would work well in spring and summer too!
Features I think everyone has really been enjoying this release! First up two stylings with the Leopard Trench Coat - this one is from Jacquemus styling it with a band-tee and a huge collar, which I love the effect of. I also like that these trousers are more of a muted black, they look really good against the printing, and also loving the deep burgundy lip, sooo pretty^
Miss.privacy also wears the Leopard Trench Coat, in a kinda similar but equally awesome styling =) These trousers look amazing with the style of the coat, and I like the use of the tan top, the colour is perfect with the tones of the leopard printing =) Also loving the black accessories in these cowboy-esque boots and the beaded bag!
And then we have two looks using the V Neck Jumper Oversized - it's such a fun and versatile piece, first worn here by marina495 with this beautiful floaty skirting, I love it with the stripes! The shirt underneath works well with the neckline and the boots are a perfect match. Some great accessories with this one too^
Then secondly with the V Neck Jumper Oversized is millaxx, also wearing the Cut Out Lightwash Jeans, they do look pretty good together. Again the same boots, so these are a bit of a perfect combination for the sweater colour. I'm loving the touches of green added, they look perfect and also loving those earrings, they add a glamorous touch!
And our final set of features - wearing the Paisley Red Dress! This first one is from Mia1435, layering it up with some great accessories like this fringed belt, those colours are fantastic on the paisley and match the tones well. I really like this cropped leather shearling jacket with the dress too, it's not the obvious choice but it looks fantastic =)
And finally miver also wearing the Paisley Red Dress and layering it up with the Checked Blazer too^ These two work well together with the tan sweater being used to break up the patterns, the dress looks fab as a skirt! These accessories are great too, love the burgundy bag and the neutral shoes and socks - the red lip is perfection though!

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