Tuesday, 16 October 2018

That 70s Shirt

I just can't help myself with wigs -especially darling crops like this one, another gorgeous creation from Claudentia. I was feeling a little Mia Farrow (dare I even invoke that after a lifetime of America's Next Top Model?) and somehow I ended up calling the 70s for a little conversation.

I loved this shirt so much when it cropped up in Runway, but I have ignored it completely. I didn't buy the rest of the set and I found that the shape didn't groove too well with other pieces. Then comes along the dungarees to save the day. Throw in a few clunky tan accessories and I'm pretty sure my mum wore this as a teenager...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Assoulin Inspired Blouse | Runway
Breada Overall | Nelly.com
Double Hoop Earrings | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute
Chestnut Shoulder Bag | Bonjour Bizou
Tan Court Shoes | Bonjour Bizou

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