Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Grass is Greener

Today I'm indulging in this beautiful green scenery before Autumn fully hits us all in the face.

Truthfully, I'm rejoicing - October is my favourite month! Not that you could tell from this look, which is distinctly sans-jacket. Very off-brand for me. 

I've been wearing variations of this outfit for a couple of weeks and I've just not managed to make it stick. The shoes in particular have been a stumbling block (when are they not?) It's madness because these are some of my favourite pieces, but they just weren't gelling!

So I decided to make a change to my  doll's hairstyle and you know, a change of hairstyle really does work wonders! I've had a dirty blonde ponytail for weeks so I feel somewhat rejuvenated with this long baby blonde number. Not to mention it lends itself to a bleached eyebrow. And I love a bleached eyebrow.

This particular hair design is a serious moment thanks to the endlessly talented Claudentia. I will admit it was eye-wateringly expensive, but it was well worth it.

I'm not suggesting going out and spending a load of cash on something new and shiny (or am I?), but when you're materials aren't working, maybe you want to have a look and see what you can do with the canvass.

Let that be your profound thought for the next 42 minutes. Or something like that.  

Ingredients | You Will Need
YH Staff Tshirt | Young Hollywood
Pinstripe Full Dress | It Girls 
Florist Flower Twig 3 | 9to5
Florist Flower 1 | 9to5
Florist Flower Twig 4 | 9to5
Stripe White Black Belt | Vinyl
Black Slouchy Leather Gloves | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Red Patent Leather Handbag | The JetSet
Vinyl Handbag | Vinyl
Silk Pearl Stilettos | Limited Edition

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