Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Graphic White Collar Blouse # W E S T Y L E I T

With some great releases recently, we've found a whole host of fun pieces to style up for WE STYLE IT! Today working with the Graphic White Collar Blouse from Bizou =) I am maybe at a little advantage as I've styled this one up before, so already had some ideas on how I wanted to wear it for a second time - it's a pretty versatile shirt in the autumnal colour-range so I think it shouldn't be too hard for you guys to work with it either^
The navy, red and white colours in this shirt give you options - and these 3 stylings really cover them all, with burgundies, pinks, blues and whites used in them. I love the printing added in the trousers used by AudreyHepburn., I think the combination really works, of course these shoes are also perfect, I'm a little jealous that I don't have them^ The earrings in this look are also pretty fabulous, they work well with the white collar and cuffs. Miloshki goes for lighter tones with this overcoat and the white shirt beneath the blouse. I also love the pink tones from the skirt with the sweater, which the coat splits up very nicely - and of course these boots are fabulous with everything =) For my look I went more minimal than the others but played on the navy of the printing on the blouse, these trousers are a perfect pairing^ I incorporated red with the accessories, I think either dark or light tones work well, but I have more matching dark pieces, this recent HB bag is a great fit with it I think!

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