Sunday, 28 October 2018

Cozy Pattern Sweater # W E S T Y L E I T

We are loving getting back into WE STYLE IT posts - today featuring the Cozy Pattern Sweater a piece from our newest LE release =D
AudreyHepburn. styles up the piece first, working with a beige based asymmetrical skirt that looks super cute with the longer length of the sweater. I also like the bag in this look, that was something I definitely struggled with - finding a bag of just the right colour for the sweater and this one looks to be perfect! The sheerness of the tights also works well, they're not too dark to overpower the tones in the sweater, the black boots are just right. Also I really like these sunglasses^
For my styling I've gone for velveteen trousers, texture-wise I think this works really nicely with the sweater. These beige heels are a good fit for the colour of the patterning on the sweater, as are the sunglasses - I definitely like this combination of accessories! As I mentioned, I found a bag really tricky to pick out, I tried so many different combinations. This one came out the best of what I had, but definitely not the best piece for the sweater.
I don't think this sweater is as versatile as I thought it might be, but I hope I'll be able to work with it again this season to try another styling =)

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