Friday, 12 October 2018

Cycling Shorts | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Ok so this is my attempt to get in with the cycling shorts trend ... I'm still learning, it's not entirely my thing, but this look from midnightmonkey6 definitely inspired me to give it a try! In midnightmonkey6's styling are the White Biker Shorts from Melbourne Minimalism but there are many options for shorts available in the Plaza right now - if you also want white there are the VINYL Shiny Cycling Shorts which also come in a Black too and Nelly recently brought out the Basic Cycling Shorts in a tan tone as well. I've gone for pink with the Active Peach Lamee Shorts - mostly because they were in SC's and if the trend is something that doesn't work for me then it's not as bad as having paid in SD's!!!
Anyway, the all-white styling is looking pretty perfect, I like the fitted blazer look with the tight shorts and the accessories are super modern and on trend, these plastic booties are super cute and I like the belt bag being low slung^ Now with my styling I don't think I'm quite there yet, I really struggled to find pieces to work well with the shorts and show them off, but I am kinda happy with the look^ I like the white shirt beneath the blazer, and then the sports-style of the bag and the trainers - but I definitely have a way to go before it's great!
How are you guys feeling about the cycling shorts trend? Let me know in comments!

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