Saturday, 20 October 2018

Pleats Please

The It Girls release really was fantastic wasn't it? This yellow jumper is the absolute star of the show.

I could have styled it a thousand different ways, but it went with this LE skirt perfectly so I stuck with it. Grey is a pleasing base for yellow as it doesn't evoke the same 'danger' or 'bumblebee' thoughts as black. 

I didn't want to change my doll's lipstick so I tried to work in some more tomato red so it wouldn't seem weird. This Fendi bag was an easy choice for that as it also picks up the other colours of the look. 

Sometimes your outfit just. comes. together. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Yellow Turtleneck Jumper | It Girls
Pleated Grey Midi Skirt | Limited Edition
Crossover Knot Belt | Apres Ski
Playful Fendi Tribute Bag | Inspired by Fendi Tribute
Point Boots | Nelly.com

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