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L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

This weekend started with a brand new LE release! Woohoo! It's been a few months since our last one and it feels a good time being the start of a new season =) I love the advertising, the top-up offer showed a golden-hued terminal and this one above has a similar vibe and a golden logo - what's not to love about that?! The models look good and look pretty stylish without giving too much away about the collection.
Highlights Compared with some of the previous releases, it is a little smaller with just 2 floors and 5 looks on each floor. But it does have a larger number of pieces for the guys definitely with some interesting designs. The theme is travel, with a focus on suitcases as additions to looks. Overall I think the collection looks pretty cool and does provide a range of styles to choose from - it definitely is autumn/winter focused, so I'm excited about that!
Accessories If we exclude the suitcases (while very cool, they're pricey pieces that really aren't going to get much use if I'm being realistic), there isn't a huge range of accessories other than shoes. The bag, the Bayswater Leather Tote, isn't so hot really, and there is just one additional item, the Ribbons Pearls Glasses - no jewellery or belts, which is a little disappointing. The shoes are pretty good though, there are 7 pairs, almost one for every look in the store!
Most pieces are booties with just one pair of heels, the Armani Inspired BW Heels which look very classy and are of a classic style and colour. The design is sleek, I love the slingback and kitten-heel details, I'm excited to style these up! And then the boots^ The Red and Black Laced Knee High Boots are a cute pair of flat boots, I really like the texture of the lacing on these pieces, I think it really stands out - my only qualm is them being flat, the real ones are just like that, so I see the point in the design, but I definitely don't get as much wear out of flat boots as I'm not sure they're the most flattering of styles. However there is always the potential to pair these and layer with a heel underneath to give the illusion of height, which is something I will consider as I think these have good potential. The Fishnet Heels Boots were definitely the popular piece of the release and sold out fairly quickly - it's obvious why with their minimal design and pointed toe, they look fantastic on the doll! And finally 3 matched pairs of booties - the Glitter, Dark Blue Glitter, and Ecru Ankle Boots - all hailing from Chanel and looking pretty awesome for autumn and winter. I love the idea of a glittered boot, but they are definitely pretty bold. I haven't seen anyone wear these yet and I'm kinda looking forward to seeing what people come up with! I like the roll-over of the design at the ankle and the heel height is perfect, so these are another style that I'm very excited to style!
Clothing And the clothing, which has a heavy Chanel influence but adds some great styles on top of that! So Chanel pieces first - there are 7 individual pieces making up 5 of the 8 looks. Of course tweed is featured which I love, I think it's great for this season. I love the double tweed with the Chanel Inspired Jacket and Skirt in a neutral tone with flecks of blues and pinks in the material, they look fantastic and I love the design of these pieces. They should look good together and separately. And also the pairing of the Tweed Closed Jacket, a darker tweed with navy and red flecks, with the Pleated Grey Midi Skirt, the outfit is great and shows that you don't have to go all-out with tweed to wear it. And then there are 3 dresses, the Pleated Blue Midi Dress, Chanel Inspired Glitter Dress and Chanel Inspired Transparent Black Dress. They're all super pretty in their design and I think they all look really good, but wearability with dresses like these isn't always there. I think the most versatile would be the Pleated Blue Midi Dress, it's the most casual of the styles and I think will be a good year-round style.
And then the rest of the pieces - 3 looks in a range of styles =) Personally my eye goes immediately to the Armani styling, the white tones and sheen really attracts my style - I love both the Armani Inspired Embroidered Jacket and Satin Shimmer Trousers, they're a fab set and also separate pieces. They're classy in design and style and fit the doll very well, I'm super pleased with these items^ The Cozy Pattern Sweater also caught my eye, I love the pattern and the colours along with these very cool shoulders. I also like the long length of it styled over the Cozy Lace Skirt, I love that sort of styling. And the final look something a little bold, but still popular as the Pink Shearling Leather Jacket has sold out quickly too^ I'm not sure I love it paired with the Silver String Midi Skirt, I think they'd look better separately, but both good additions to the store =D
Prices This release ranges from 40 to 175SD's with only a couple of pieces nearer the top end of the scale, most items are priced below 100SD's, and on the most part prices seem about right. The lack of more lower-priced pieces comes from fewer small accessories in the collection. But overall the prices are on-par with the last several LE releases. As it's LE it's SS and Royalty only.
Styled Outfits So I have something planned for all the shoes I bought, so styling up some of the clothing pieces just now^ First up the Silver String Midi Skirt, which I did find a little challenging, as I want to wear black with it but it doesn't quite match a lot of the black pieces I regularly wear, so after trying many tops I settled for this one, which I think works to make a really cool look with different shapes and different designs to catch your eye. I like the look, but it's definitely not the easiest skirt to wear if you're contemplating it, I'd love to see some others giving this piece a go though! Secondly the Pleated Grey Midi Skirt which is a very versatile piece, it goes with many colours and styles, this time in a typical winter-look for me with an overcoat, but I still think the skirt manages to hold its own in the styling! It's great with these boots, I love the pleats paired with the slouched folds of this pair =) And finally the Satin Shimmer Trousers which are just so luxurious! They are great with this leopard print coat, a fantastic 'current' pairing, and the black base of the shirt and accessories really lets the sheen of the trousers and print of the coat stand out^
Features And finally the features! While I love this release, I do feel like there were a lot of people complaining about it, but hopefully these guys in the Features section will show the doubters some great stylings with the pieces =D First up leiona_-, wearing both the Pleated Blue Midi Dress layered up with the Satin Shimmer Trousers which I think looks really good! I love the silver accessories, this long chained necklace is great to add a lot of shimmer with just one piece and pairs well with the earrings too. I'm also loving the bag choice, something a little different, but it catches your attention and I think it works out well!
Marta-43 is wearing the Cozy Pattern Sweater, I love it layered with both trousers and skirting in this style, it looks good and is definitely eye-catching! The lace detailing looks fantastic on top of the nude piece and also against the colours and pattern of the sweater. I'm also loving the use of this snakeskin belt-bag, it's a perfect addition =D
Thirdly SS-diamond is wearing the Armani Inspired Embroidered Jacket which looks so elegant in this styling paired with some well-matched trousers, you'd think these pieces belonged together^ The print is stand out in the styling and the accessories really play to that, the shoes and the sunglasses are great and I love the use of these earrings =)
And finally a little feature of some of the menswear, tolady styling up the Armani Inspired Wrap! The piece really stands out and actually looks pretty good on the female doll too. I love it paired with these jeans, I think they suit the look to let the top shine. The belt bag and the heels add glamorous current style touches to the look as well^

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