Wednesday, 20 September 2017

P E A R L S | Release Review

Last week brought a perfect autumn drop to the Plaza in the form of a new Pearls floor - super exciting! I love the homepage ad, it epitomises the autumn styles and colours and I think the dolls sell the store really nicely from their looks. Lets get in and see what's in the store!
Highlights The store is just one floor but pretty packed in with pretty and seasonal designs and colours - I really love it from the get go! It's just female pieces this time, but the range of styles means most people will find something that works for them =)
Accessories With just a small store, the small range of accessories works fine for it - they fit the clothing styles and are nice minimal pieces. There are two pairs of shoes, the Pointy Leo Block Heels and the Pointy Tweed Heels - I love the thicker older block design of the heel, it looks super cool especially along with the pointed toe. Also loving the bow on the second pair, but think the leopard print could be an interesting one to work with =) There is just one bag, the Red Classic Top Handle Bag which is a current bag with the scarf-around-the-handle design and the pretty red patent colouring. Also in scarf pieces are the Red Twilly necktie and Scarf Bracelet which are both sweet pieces and I think they'll work out pretty popular from the store. There's a couple of other pieces too, including the French Barret (although it's more of a beret to me) and the Hammered Gold Earrings Left and Right.
Clothing The clothing is just so awesome, it's hard to pick a place to start as there are some many wonders in this release =) It's a minimal collection, with most of the top pieces based around the one pair of trousers, the Ecru High Waisted Denim which are a classic style of trouser with a nice fit and a modern take on an older design, I really like them^ There's a second pair of trousers too, the Wide Leg Gabardine Pants which have a matching top, the Ruffled Gabardine Blouse, and despite their very bright colour I don't find these pieces standing out to me in terms of style. There are 4 minimal-design tops and I think they're all great pieces - the Black Classic Turtle Neck, Ecru Classic Turtle Neck, Tucked In Mens Shirt and the Ribbed Trumpet Sleeved Top. The minimal colours make great base items to work with and the fit of them all on the doll is fab. The turtleneck pieces particularly stand out and I think these will be popular for a long time to come. And lastly those stripes! I love both the Wide Neck Striped Blouse in a fantastic red and then the Striped Tie Waist Skirt - these are awesome pieces and have been seen incredibly popular so far. They do seem more like spring pieces to me, but I'm happy to have them nonetheless!
Prices The prices range from 4 to 14SD's however there are many items available in SC which is totally awesome and makes the store attractive for its affordability =)
Styled Outfits I bought quite a few pieces from the store and I'm excited to work on the rest of the pieces soon too^ First up the Striped Tie Waist Skirt in an all blue styling and I really like it! The navy works nicely with the sky-blue tone and I like the fluted sleeve with the skirt shape. I loved the idea of these boots with the skirt and made use of the rainbow heel for the primary-colour-themed bags - I really like the outcome of the summery style! Secondly the Black Classic Turtle Neck and the Pointy Tweed Heels in such a basic look for these pieces but one that just works out well! The grey is a simple touch and the black trimmings on this lighten up the look. The belt was an easy add and the bag suits the look in terms of style, colour and fringe decor. Both of these pieces were easy styles and I think will be well placed in my wardrobe. Lastly more minimal again, the Ecru Classic Turtle Neck, again an easy piece to style and I kept summery again with the yellow, which compliments the cream top really nicely. Super easy accessories for a pretty flowy styling =)
Features The pieces from this release have been pretty popular, especially the stripes! First up is ajenkam wearing the Wide Neck Stripe Blouse in this cool sexy-casual styling, bringing sultry with the patent mules and a more relaxed style with the white long sleeves and the faded jeans. Also loving the very cool belt style, I think it looks awesome and works well for the shirt =)
Secondly, also in the same shoes and Wide Neck Stripe Blouse is Isabella8103 bringing a lighter style to the shirt with just the addition of lighter jeans, it's amazing what a simple change can do making the shirt look so much brighter! Loving the use of the contrasting pink bag but matching red earrings, sunglasses and tassel on the bag - very sleek for a casual look!
And lastly plantropa styling the Striped Tie Waist Skirt in a cool street look pairing it with sheer and mesh and I think it looks really cool like that! The trainers are a great touch and as well as being super casual look pretty trendy. The hair too, those bows are the sweetest with the tie of the skirt^

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