Monday, 29 October 2018

Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Vest | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This cute styling by brigitte64 really reminded me that I should get another wear out of my Inspired By Balenciaga Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Vest this year! I loved all the blue in brigitte64's look, the denim skirt is the cutest piece to pair with this knitwear^ I also really like the trainers in the look, they fit the styling perfectly. The makeup look is super pretty too, the blush is very cute! In my styling I have also stuck with blue, but use these sheeny cream trousers to break up the colour, for me, that works. The blue accessories match the tone of the knitwear really well, but for a layering top I've picked a darker tone and I think the light really pops with that =D

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