Tuesday, 18 September 2018

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Another release that came out a while ago was new VINYL! Super street-style release fitting with the overall store vibe, and with the usual release size. Not really enough for a review, but plenty of stylings to feature and also pieces that I've styled up!
First up Bianca.Vos wearing the Shirred Bandeau Top, which I think looks awesome layered with another white shirt for the sleeves, and the style of this one with the frills is perfect! I like the high waisted trouser, but just the little stomach on show looks good. The thin belt, heels and earrings look super classy, I love it^
And then Mia1435 wears the Stripe White Black Belt in this super smart office-ready look with even more stripes! Love the pinstripe combination, even though it's black and navy, I think it really just works and the belt is the perfect divide between the two^ The bag fits beautifully, and I like the sheen in the rest of the accessories.
And now my stylings! Firstly I bought the Tortoise Sunglasses because these are awesome^ Love the style of these, colour is perfect, the shape is just right - not only good for whats left of summer but great for autumn with the tortoiseshell. Super pleased with these! Obviously you can literally wear anything with sunglasses but I'm loving this outfit a lot, simple with the colours really to let the Sunglasses stand out, but they look amazing with the golden accents in the look, really loving it all =) And secondly I got the Rainbow Side Stripe Jeans because are these not super cool?! I like the light wash of the denim and the fit on the doll is very nice. I've kinda gone off jeans a little, I really don't wear them much, but these are pretty sweet and something a little different with the cute stripe. I went super neutral with white for these and I think it works pretty well actually, it makes the Jeans look quite smart! I did try and pick colours out from the rainbow stripe, but nothing looked quite right or I didn't have just the right tone for it, but I like the white that I've gone with^

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