Monday, 9 July 2018

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N B A G S | Styled Outfits

Our last LE release had some great bags, and we styled one up for you already however I decided to style the other 3 in the set and pair with a makeup look as well =) I loved putting these together and they all were completed very quickly, so I think the bags will be easy to wear again in the future!

Jeff Koons Inspired LV Bag
I absolutely adore the cobalt straps and details on this bag - I had a few pairs of trousers in my mind to pair it with and these matching ones won out, they're so perfect^ I also liked the grey tones in the picture on the bag, which is where the grey sweater comes into play, and overall I'm super pleased with this outfit! Makeup wise I blended in deep blue with some white and grey and I think it's an effective look to pair with the outfit =)

Jeff Koons Inspired LV Backpack
Despite having pink straps, I really see this as a pretty neutral bag as the Mona Lisa does have natural colour tones to it which I stuck with in the styling. I'm really loving this as an autumnal look, the trousers were a perfect fit with the bag and it wasn't too difficult to find matching pieces. I really like this top with the pink stripes as they fit the colour on the bag well. Makeup wise, again I stayed pretty simple, but paired green shadow with a lower lid nude liner, I love this look and it's one I've used before and would use again!

Jeff Koons Inspired LV Clutch Bag
I've worn this bag a few times since buying it, so I'm finding myself more experienced with it and came into this with an exact idea in mind! It has brown and pink tones and that's exactly what I've stuck with in the outfit and I'm pleased! The trousers are an excellent fit for the bag, and getting to wear this LE blouse again is great too, it goes well with both bag and trousers and I think the neutral shoe is a good choice. The blouse has enough detail that more accessories aren't really required. And of course pink for the makeup, I really layered on differing pink shadows, it comes across a little bubblegum-like but it does go well with the pink on the blouse^

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