Monday, 2 July 2018

2010 / / T R I B U T E S R E V I S I T E D

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The summer of 2010 brought our very first Tribute season - and an exciting time that was! We had 6 releases that year; Chanel, DVF, Just Cavalli, Sonia Rykiel, Herve Leger, and Couture Tribute. What great picks and a great mix of brands and designers and styles - there really was something for everyone. Luckily, I was around back then, so still have some of my original purchases, although I've picked up many pieces in the Bazaar and sometimes in Callie's Picks releases which is how those of you who are newer members have gotten the pieces too. While I do think these 'Original' Tributes are absolute classics, alike nowadays, there were hits and misses - but some pieces are absolutely great currently, 8 years on! So on with some content - what I'm still enjoying today from these releases =D One thing I will quickly mention, is that I love the prices are visible on the store pictures, compared to current releases these are very affordable and seem quite cheap but I remember back then really only being able to afford a few pieces at most from each Tribute so I had to make sure I was making the right choices to purchase - crazy how things change!

Our very first and one of the most memorable, this release was based on the Spring 2010 RTW collection which is filled with iconic quilting of bags, blogs and boucle styles! It's the boucle that I adore and the Pastel Boucle Dress really is a lasting piece that works in so many combinations! Currently I'm after the pastel pink skirt-suit co-ord to add to my wardrobe, it's everything, I love the detailing on it both the Stardoll and RL versions^

At the time, I remember not liking a huge amount from this store and finding it easy to pick just 1 or 2 items to buy, the Puff Sleeve Blouse being one of the best purchases I made and I still love wearing it today! Luckily I've managed to pick up a few of the great dresses in the Bazaar over the years however sadly they can be hard to come by - these styles are all fantastic now, love the wrap stylings and the draping and the hemming across the whole collection! And you probably remember what a hit those bows were, some still go for the maximum price in the Bazaar!

This was the most extensive Tribute spanning 5 floors which were packed with unique items, a real hefty collection in terms of size that I doubt we'll see again! I truly loved this one and although at the time I was only able to buy a couple of pieces I went through a made moment about 4 years ago and collected a whole lot more - I have a ton of Sonia Rykiel! I've sold some pieces but I'm still on the hunt for a few great looking items^ The collection was full of different trends and styles, really something for everyone =)

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  1. Aw, I really miss those collections... My fave of those is Sonia Rykiel without doubt! Also love the DVF dresses you're wearing ♥