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I N S P I R E D B Y B A L E N C I A G A | Tribute Review

So exciting to get Balenciaga in our StarPlaza as our next Tribute this season! I think it's a well-requested brand to have and it's always fun to have a new brand in Tributes. The advertising is super fun, the yellow and orange are bold and attractive and the models show off a range of styles - I am excited!
Highlights The release is two floors packed with pieces and a range of styles against a colourful and fun interior. There are 3 individual male looks available too which I think will keep a lot of people happy^
Accessories There are a number of pairs of shoes split well across categories - the Balenciaga Inspired Pantashoes Pink and Beige are a popular style which has been presented before in limited stores, so I think these will go down well, I like the colours of them and think they work well with a range of styles. The other boots are also pretty cool, the Balenciaga Inspired Platform Boots look amazing, super retro with their platform square toe and tan colour, but they're a little chunky for me, but I adore the Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral - a pointed toe in the sock-boot style in great colours, the blues and greens are perfect =D There are heels of course, the Balenciaga Inspired Knife Pumps Red and Black in patent and with silver stud details and a pointed toe, they're super cool! They remind me of the macthing Valentino shoes which came out many years ago that I wear a lot still^ And the classic trainers, the Balenciaga Inspired TripleS Sneakers which I think it's great coming in both the Mens and Womans style. There are also quite a few bags, but a few stand out to me as being perfect for my style - first the Balenciaga Inspired Orange Shoulder Bag, what's not to love, it's orange! I wear a lot of orange accessories and find these easy to style, so this is a perfect addition to my collection. And then the Brown Chain Bag which I love the structured shape to it, I think it's an interesting concept to add to a look and I'm excited to see how it fits into stylings =) There are not so many other accessories but the Balenciaga Inspired Large Earrings are super cool, love the red and the circular design, they look fantastic!
Clothing And clothing, so so much clothing^ It's a right mix of styles but I think it's one that works for the store and that people are happy with. While I'm not so much a fan of the neon bright pieces, there are enough florals and printings to keep me going for a while! The pieces are fun and all individual and different to what we've had before. In dresses are the Balenciaga Inspired Kimono Dress in a bright green, a colour I'm loving thanks to a recent HB skirt, and the Pleated Money Dress which is in lighter calmer tones. The styles are totally different, with the first being more trendy and edgy with the slit and high polo neck, and the second being more feminine with a loose airy shape. I'm simply in love with the Floral Pleated Asymetrical Skirt - it's just so beautiful! The blue and yellow colours are fab and the fit of the skirt is stunning, a perfect piece for autumn. And of course lastly the Floral Print Crepe Blouse, in matching print with the Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral. Such a cute piece for spring and summer, I like the sleeves and the blouson body and the neck tie hanging loose, so sweet^ The outerwear has proven very popular in this release, so so many people wearing these pieces, we'll be all set for autumn stylings with these! The Oversized Checked Coat is definitely a standout with not only it's size but the red gingham print which is pretty 'in' right now - this has such a great shape, I love the cape style and the tying at the neckline is super cool. The sit is good so you can really show off your outfit beneath too. The Vintage Biker Jacket and Balenciaga Inspired Denim Jacket are super popular too, they have a cropped fit and wide neckline, just how a lot of people like and which I think makes them pretty wearable particularly in spring and autumn. Lastly, the Balenciaga Inspired Leather Jacket Man has grown in popularity since the release and now, I've seen more and more people wearing this one. It fits the female doll pretty well too and has an edgy oversized style to it. While on the top of menswear, the shirts fit the female doll pretty well too - I'm quite liking the look of the Balenciaga Inspired Yellow Shirt and Oversized Beige Tshirt. And finally, the more minimal of pieces, these are lasting and will see us through many years. First up the bottomhalves, which is the Balenciaga Inspired Green Skirt which has a cord texture, is fitted well at the waist and hips and has a great hem design falling at the midi length. The colour is stunning, a perfect muted green and I think it looks absolutely fantastic on! The tops are also pretty great, the Tucked In Stripe Shirt is a great smart basic, the blue tone is lovely and I love the shape with the half tuck and the long sleeves and slightly wider collar. And also the pairing of the Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Top and Vest - I love a sweet cardigan and this set is just adorable. It's something very wearable and isn't initially obvious that it's a Tribute design, which I really like about it =)
Prices I spent a fortune on this release, because I think I bought about 75% of the store, oops! But the pieces individually range from 19 to 38SD's with most pieces in the 20's, which is why it adds up quickly. Nothing is SS or Royalty only limited which is fab^
Styled Outfits What I've done with my stylings is tried to style up the pieces that weren't styled in the features below to try and cover more of the items in this release =) First up the Oversized Checked Coat which I just couldn't help but pair with more gingham, I do think it works out though! The colour contrast is just right with the trousers and I think the shoes add a nice touch^ Secondly the Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Vest and Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral. I liked the darkness of these trousers to let the paler colours pop, and paired up a pale bag which I really like with both the Balenciaga pieces - I think I could have given the polo a miss, not sure I like the white under the Vest so much. And lastly the look I've been wearing all week with the Balenciaga Inspired Green Skirt and Brown Chain Bag, I love these together and it makes a good autumn look. The colours went perfectly with my favourite sweater and I think these boots are perfect with the skirt too and really pop with the metallic sheen!
Features And probably the bit you have all been waiting for, or that you skipped down to see, the features^ First up cinderela23barb wearing the Tucked In Stripe Shirt and Balenciaga Inspired Knife Pumps Black looking oh so chic and work-wear ready, which is exactly what I envisaged for this shirt. I love the navy of the skirt, it looks fab with the shirt and the black accessories fit very nicely =)
Next up we have France25 looking very rock chick in the Balenciaga Inspired Leather Jacket Man - see how cool it looks on the female doll?! I looks great with the black and white base of this outfit, love the contrast with the airy trousers. The red accessories pop well, especially loving that necklace choice!
Third on the list - Marta-43 going for all the florals, wearing the Balenciaga Inspired Kimono Dress, Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral and the Balenciaga Inspired Orange Shoulder Bag - it's definitely not too much on the print front! I love the layering with the fun pink printing under the dress, I think it's a cool quirky fit that makes an individual style! Also loving that tassel earring in the look =D
A look after my own heart, Mery.- wearing the Floral Pleated Asymetrical Skirt in this minimal styling. I love it layered with this beige trench and the colours are perfect with the pastel blue shirt and the yellow shoulder bag. The accessories based on brown look great with the styling and the coral lip is super lovely^
Street-style ready in Mh91's look with the Balenciaga Inspired Denim Jacket which I think looks super cool paired with the black and white checkered pattern on these trousers. Denim and red is a great combination which is shown off well here, the stripe on the trousers start that off but the accessories are a perfect finishing touch =)
And last but not least RiManiKordenty wearing the Vintage Biker Jacket and Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral and it was this use of this silky blue dress that caught my eye, it's so beautiful with both of these pieces, such a cool styling - I wanna copy it right now, haha^ It's great for spring and summer and the pops of white in the accessories add a bright touch and are totally my thing! 

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