Saturday, 28 July 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | July 2017

And finally for the Hotbuys Revisited posts, looking back to last July - which I'd actually sat was pretty successful and a good set of HB's! I still own 9/10 of these items and there's some pieces that I'm always reaching for - like the Romantic Frill Summer Dress and the Oversized Blush Aviator Glasses! And those bags have been pretty popular with a lot of people styling them over the past year. Today I've decided to go with some of my least styled pieces, the Faux Crocco Clogs and the Floral Kimono Dress:  
Boy do I love these outfits! I think they're pretty current and make good use of some pieces in cool combinations. I love all the brown tones with the shoes, they highlight the dark colour of them and let them pop out, and they're great with this bag, it's a pairing I will definitely be using again for sure =D And then the dress in a light summer look - I didn't add too much to it, but I love these pastel accessories, the shoes have a nice detailing to the bottom half of the look, and this bag is very sweet and perfect with the flower blossoms of the dress^

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