Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Sui Life

I didn't choose the Sui Life; the Sui Life chose me...

I've been away for a week, and coming home to a more unusual tribute was a lovely surprise! I'm not sure I took to it as much as some others, but I was really pleased with the shoes, shirts and this stole. 

I just love this colour combo - like dark mint chocolate. While this is just another turtleneck look, the fur stole is rather glamorous, so I've gone for the dramatic cut of the Givenchy top from the recent release - a new favourite!

Ingredients | You Will Need
Givenchy Turtleneck Black | Museum Mile
Emerald Sea Skirt | Riviera
Faux Fur Scarf | Inspired by Anna Sui Tribute
The Knot Belt | It Girls
Deco Leaf Earrings | Voile
Black Camellia Wrist Purse | Callie's Picks

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