Tuesday, 31 July 2018

J U L Y 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Here we are at the end of July and the pink-hued Hotbuys! This is our 7th HBs Review^ I love the advertising for this month, that pink totally draws me in and makes everything look amazing - I'm sold already! I'd say this is a pretty great month considering there's a large portion of swimwear and I think the pieces are current and trendy and will hopefully last a while =)

Tall Strap Sandals - While I'm not always an advocate for flat shoes and sandals, I do quite like these - and it's all the cool wrapped strapping that really sells them for me! I think the design is very flattering and I think they look really nice on the foot. And the neutral colour is great, they'll be as versatile as a pair of sandals can be^ Evil Panda 17SD's
Kate Spade Inspired Bag - This is just the cutest! I bought this without even checking the price, that was how much I wanted it! The flamingo design is beautiful and unique and it's been graphically done very nicely. The bag itself id also very nice, the detailing on the strap and metalwork is just amazing, I'm so impressed by this piece =D Pretty 'N Love 19SD's
Ruffle Bikini Top - And the start of the swimwear, this is a peachy-ish coloured top, but actually with the addition of the ruffles around the arms, it doesn't look too much like a bikini top at all, which I see as a big plus point^ It could work out well as a top with the right pieces paired with it. Pretty 'N Love 14SD's
Ruffle Bikini Bottoms - And the bottoms to match - they definitely look like bikini bottoms, can't sell them any other way! So these aren't a piece for me, but they do look very cute, the ruffled chiffon around the waist is great and looks very well designed. The piece makes a good set and something very cute for the beach, and it does look very nice on my doll, but swimwear just isn't for me! Pretty 'N Love 13SD's
Burberry Inspired Mesh Dress - This is amazing! It's a quirky and cute piece that is super memorable. I love the under-sea style printing to the design and the bright colours pop and catch your attention. It has a great minimal shape with a midi length and a nice V, while I don't always go for sheer, I'm very excited about this piece =D Evil Panda 22SD's
Rust Anis Earrings - What cute earrings! These are super cool, I love the combination of a floral design on the earring, with a hoop and a big tassel, they look awesome =D And in bright red too - these will certainly stand out in any outfit. They are quite big when worn, so that might put some people off of these, but I still think they look pretty good^ Fallen Angel 13SD's
Polka Dot Bikini Top - This next bikini top is of a more structured simple design to the first. I love the red and white polka dots, they definitely make it an appealing piece and I think this one would work well as a bra for layering with sheer items because of the design. It's a cute piece, but just not so much something I would get the wear out of. Bizou 12SD's
Polka Dot Bikini Bottoms - The same goes for the bottoms, super cute but just not something I wear very much. I do love the high-waisted style with high cute legs, it's very flattering and looks really good on - also love the little golden clasp detail around the belting. They've been designed very nicely and the set looks good =) Bizou 11SD's
Red Straw Hat - This handheld design for the hat is totally different and new and it really draws attention. I like the ombre colouring to the piece, the red looks great with the natural straw and I love the raw edging. Being only handheld does limit it a little in terms of styling into looks, but I think it will make a good challenge^ Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Burberry Inspired Red Dress - Alike the earlier dress, this is another sheer piece, and another one that I love! The pink hint is great, and I love a good spotted piece! The length of the skirting and the sleeves are great and I'm super excited to work with this piece and see how it fits into my styling =D Velvet Orchid 25SD's

Millaxx wears the Kate Spade Inspired Bag beautifully in this summer styling! I love the pink against the red of this skirt, it's a great one for summer and I love the smart white shirt and heels - the pink and flamingoes really stand out against it =)
Next up is miver wearing the Burberry Inspired Mesh Dress making it look super wearable and super cool! It's layered up really nicely, the pieces beneath work well in it's favour and it looks very much like an every day dress. Loving these floral platforms with the look too, they're perfect^
Lastly, tolady wears the Rust Anis Earrings in this dressed up styling with a focus on red, for which the earrings are perfect! The beret is perfect to show off the earrings and their style works well with the chiffon top and detailed folded bag. Super cute!

I decided to style up two different pieces, firstly the Tall Strap Sandals which I haven't seen anyone go for yet but I loved working with and found them pretty easy to match with fun things like this skirt and keeping the rest of the outfit neutral. Then I styled the Burberry Inspired Red Dress which was much more challenging although may have been down to only having a short time as it was the last HB this month. I spent probably almost an hour working on this, and struggled to come up with a lot of options, but I really really love this one, the layering has worked out perfectly and I think the dress is still highlighted well in the outfit =D

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