Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A little Wooden

I wasn't particularly fond of the Fever release, but I really like this handbag. There's an ASOS bag that is similar in design that I have nearly bought so many times, but now I've got a virtual one, I think I can put the want to bed.

I mean - how practical can a wooden bag be?

Thankfully on Stardoll nothing needs to be practicable so I can just style away. 

I'm trying a new look at the moment (thoughts?) and funnily enough, I think the colour is quite complimentary. With the orange hair moment, I've also gone for a fairly simple look. I've never actually used this Off-White dress before, but the small flecks of orange in the floral pattern are a cute match to the shade of the bag. I also really like the shape of this blazer with the cut of the dress - it's summery, a little smart, but not trying too hard. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Clutch Orange Bag | Fever
Off White Inspired Rose Dress | Inspired by Off White Tribute
Oversized Blazer | Pearls
Florist Daisy 1 | 9to5
Slip In Pumps | Subcouture

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