Friday, 20 July 2018

S P E C T A C U L A R | Feature Set

Brand new sunglasses in the Spectacular store recently - which is fab following on from my recent Plaza Picks post on sunglasses, I'm sure these pieces make good additions to your collections! I'm yet to style up any of these new items but wanted to share a couple of amazing features with the pieces^
First up miver wearing the Cateye Retro Sunglasses Pink in this matching pink-based look. I love the pink lips to start with, they're fabulous and help make the makeup styling pop. It's a great summer look with this lilac bustier and the pink jeans, it great seeing these jeans getting a styling^ While this wrapped skirt isn't for me, I think it's a perfect edgy addition to this look complimenting the pink tones perfectly and working well with the fishnets and stilettos!
And then RiManiKordenty wearing the Cateye Retro Sunglasses Yellow in this super DIY styling! I'm loving the fanning of the shapes and the pleats, they're looking so cool and well put together^ The neon top underneath gives some idea of structure, as does the belt bag,  that orange pops nicely. The perspex boots are also great, they fit the overall vibe without taking too much focus away from the tophalf of the look and the sunglasses =)

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