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M U S E U M M I L E G I V E N C H Y T R I B U T E | Tribute Review

It's the start of Tribute Season! A little different by being a Museum Mile release, but it's a Tribute none the less - Givenchy! The heading and advertising look great, it's eye catching in black and gold and the filtering on it looks fantastic! The model is definitely selling this collection =D
Highlights The collection covers 3 floors, which is pretty great, and covers a range of past collections rather than just the most recent release of Givenchy - and there's a few pieces which are awfully similar looking to items we've had in the past, so that's a little disappointing. There are many pieces in the latest collections that I think would have gone down well. There are a couple of male looks too in this collection, so that is a plus.
Accessories The store has a reasonable number of accessories and a range of pieces to choose from, but I didn't find them to be hugely impressive. Starting with the positives, I love the Givenchy Inspired Bag Blue mostly because it's blue and I went on for a long time about not having enough blue bags - with the number we've had in recent releases, I think that has been rectified! The size is really nice and I like the crossbody style for it. There is also the Givenchy Inspired Antigona Bag Black, but I don't find this quite as nice a piece, although it does have a nice and minimal design and style. I feel quite disappointed by the shoes because a quick google of 'Givenchy Shoes' shows a huge range of designs and I think going with the wedge style that has been chosen isn't such a good look. I'm yet to see anyone wear the shoes. The piece I am lastly quite tempted by are the Givenchy Inspired Sunglasses - I really like the matte effect that the frames and lenses have and the little golden details, they look pretty good! And they fit on the doll really nicely too^
Clothing There are a total of 10 dresses in this release, that's quite a lot! It's a really mixed bunch in terms of styles, lengths, colours, fits etc. so I think most people will find something that works for them. I also include the Givenchy Inspired Lace Jumpsuit in this category as it's a one-piece and it's definitely one of my top choices - I love the square neckline and the lace sheer detailing, plus it has a good fit. The light colour is perfect for summer. There are quite a few dark dresses, but the Black White Lace Dress combines the best of both with black detailing on a white skirting. The one strap design is great and the tuille skirting has a great light design to it. The length of it is perfect, it's a super classic piece^ And then the blues! Two blue dresses, the Givenchy Inspired Stripe Blue Dress which has a deep V neckline and a very quirky shape with an oversized top half and a loose knee length skirt. This was the first piece that caught my eye in the store, so I knew I had to have it! And then the Givenchy Inspired Blue Gown which is a lighter piece in a pastel tone which I like, I also like the printing and texture on it - zoom into the dress and see these cool details! I like the shaping around the top half, but it does look a little big on the hips. Being a gown, I'm also not sure how wearable it would be either.
There are 3 bottomhalves, all of which are skirts and pretty glamorous choices. The Givenchy Multicoloured Skirt and Givenchy Inspired Feather Skirt are maxi pieces oozing glitz - frills and feathers, and I have to say my doll looks amazing in them even if they may not be everyday pieces^ The Kiss Velvet Miniskirt is the most casual piece, and it's not even all that casual - the gold lip design is really nice and I think the piece looks good in store, but I dislike the fit on the doll, it sits low on the hips and looks quite long and therefore not quite so flattering. And just a couple of tops to round out the clothing. The Kiss Lace Bodysuit is a cute piece matching the skirt, while it's sheer, the lip printing on it is nice and I really like the tied sleeve design. And of course, the Givenchy Turtleneck Black is an absolutely classic piece, who doesn't need a well fitting black polo in their wardrobe?! Well probably me because I have several already, but I can't miss out on this one! I love the sharp design of the shoulders and the slightly looser fit of the sleeves, it's just fab =)
Prices This release ranges from 9 to 28SD's with most items right in the middle of the range, which I think is pretty good for a Tribute. Nothing is SS or Royalty and so the collection is accessible to everyone for this summer - not sure how long it will stay in the Plaza, but previous collections have stayed for at least a month.

Styled Outfits I didn't buy too much, but I bought a fair number of pieces from this release! First up the Givenchy Inspired Lace Jumpsuit which I styled minimally to give a summer look that showed off all aspects of the piece, and as the blue theme ran through the other looks, navy was my colour choice and I think this works out really nicely against the white and silky texture of the piece, particularly the contrast with the biker jacket. Next up the Givenchy Inspired Stripe Blue Dress which I am just loving on my doll! It's obviously not a dress I'll be wearing all the time, but it's so fun and I think it looks great. I didn't add too much, but I love the jewellery filling the neckline, it definitely needs something there! And lastly a whole host of pieces in the third look, the Givenchy Turtleneck Black, Givenchy Inspired Bag Blue and the Givenchy Inspired Satin Jacket which is a menswear piece but works perfectly well on the female doll too - I think it's something a lot of people will get a lot of use from! They are quite a dark combination, which I continued with in the skirt to let the bag stand out and paired it with the shoes - this will make a great autumn/winter outfit =D
Features And the features of course! First up Elrry wearing the Givenchy Black Belt in this neutral stylish look. The belt is layered and looks great with the tied one beneath, the patent-ness of it makes it stand out clearly. The white base of long top and sleeves are great for the belt, and I like the checkered trousers to add black to start with then the heavy accessories. Plus that hair!! It looks fab in this outfit =)
Next up Isabella8103 going for the Givenchy Inspired Stripe Blue TShirt, a male piece but it sure does look great on the female doll! I love the fit around the waist and it looks fantastic with these navy fitted trousers. Love the pops of red in a muted tone, all of these accessories are totally perfect - especially these earrings!
In contrast, super light with this styling from misstrendydresp - wearing the Givenchy Inspired Lace Jumpsuit and Givenchy Inspired Off Shoulder Coat. It's a simple pairing, but looks amazing and the accessorising really makes it stand out. Love the big golden hoop earring with the very cool street-style hair. The shoes are a neutral touch, and I love the bracelets^
Also wearing the Givenchy Inspired Off Shoulder Coat is RiManiKordenty, choosing similar tones but a cute pairing of this wrapped top and smart straight-leg trousers which I really like, the coat compliments these pieces well! Accessories are stand out and pop against the clothing colours and also the hair colour, perfect =)
And lastly natusia_182 wearing the Givenchy Inspired Stripe Blue Dress - it's all about the additions! The black shoes and bag look great with the navy striping in the dress, I love the straps on the shoes, they're perfect in this look. Then silver really shines in the jewellery, it draws you in to that makeup look too, so awesome!

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