Monday, 23 July 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Dark & Rose Slip-On Heels

In keeping with the Tribute theme this month, I'm styling up 6 looks with these Herve Leger Dark & Rose Slip-On Heels - these are one of the pieces I've loved wearing from the first set of Tributes and they're the only pieces I still have from Herve Leger. The style is super current being a mule and the colours are very pretty and wearable =)
Day and night choices
The deep burgundy colour is a great one and has a lot of versatility with shade and tone, they look great in both light and dark clothing pairings and they suit day to night stylings well. I love the necklines of these short pieces, which elongate the legs and show off the shoes. Plus who doesn't love some matching accessories?! So many bag choices to go with these one^
Day and night choices
Of course the dark shoes do this style well too, and short pieces also look fantastic. Darker tones to the dresses fit nicely and the colour detailings pop off the page. Tights also work out with these shoes, this dress is perfect for that with the matching white sleeve design. Again, colour popping accessories against these shoes!
Cool and casual as a cucumber
Not only do these pieces look good dressed up, but they work in casual stylings too. Both tones work exceptionally well with lilacs, you can never have too much! The midi lengths are great to still attract some attention to the shoes. I picked out some of my favourite handbags and these two are perfect matches for each pair of shoes, it's an equal share of the limelight for accessories in these stylings =D

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