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2012 / / T R I B U T E S R E V I S I T E D

S U M M E R 2 0 1 2
And the third instalment of Tributes Revisited, back to the summer of 2012 which was the first year I wrote Tribute Reviews, albeit not quite to the same extent that I do nowadays, they were quite a lot more brief in 2012! There were 6 releases that year: Chanel, Anna Sui, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Frankie Morello and Dolce&Gabbana. They were a pretty good in terms of a range of styles and it's fun to get new things. For me this isn't a season I remember so much, so this was a good chance for me to reignite interest in some of the great pieces that we got! A lot of these pieces have been re-released in Callie's Picks too so there are many you can get now for good prices in the Bazaar =)

Of course our first release was Chanel, a firm favourite - I know because I wrote that I spent a lot of money in my review, haha! I really still quite like this one, there's fun pieces which are also wearable and still look good in today's trends and there was a great range in the store. I've gone through quite a lot of pieces from this release over the years with changing tastes and I'm sure this will still be the case in the future. There's been a lot of these pieces released in CP so I'm sure many of you have some of these items tucked away in your wardrobes already - I think maybe I need to look for more in the Bazaar to give a try to^ I love the Sea Foam pieces for sure, they're definitely lasting in terms of colour, style and design =D

This was really our first look into a designer which had a single focus - shoes! I loved this collection when it was released, some really fun pieces and I'm wishing I still had more of them^ Shoes can add great things to a minimal outfit, they can really pop and add all the detail that you need - I am truly loving the Flower Shop Bow Heels for the frilling bow and the perspex panel over the toes, plus the colour is a beautiful one for summer^ The store had some great floral pieces and I'm still on the search to find the white floral pair, those will make my summer stylings for sure!

D O L C E & G A B B A N A
And our very first Dolce & Gabbana release, it sure is a memorable one particularly with that cool supermarket-based interior. This one focused on jewels and gems, particularly with the set of playsuits which took the focus of one floor of the store - I like the clothing though, there's some quite wearable pieces in there that work out really nicely and some I'm sure we've forgotten a little^ The accessories are quite great in this release, such a variety to work with and some memorable styles.
And someone else very much enjoying the clothing still too, Funopler wearing the Blush Lace DG Top, it's a cute summer piece with a crop and a sweet detailed V and in a great colour, it's pretty nice I'm wishing I had one to style too^ This looks fantastic with this Chanel dress worn as a skirt, the colours are a perfect match and I'm such a fan of all the pink in the accessories too!

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