Saturday, 21 July 2018

Licence to Frill

You may have bought the dramatic and colourful frilled skirt from the Givenchy collection at Museum Mile and thought - what do I do with it now?

You could wear it as intended or...

...It could make a fabulous cocktail dress instead. To be honest - that's what I thought it was when I saw it in the catalogue! Provided you've mastered the resize glitch, this is a super easy look with ultimate impact. All that colour and volume is lush. Naturally, simple accessories are a must so as not to look over the top.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Givenchy Multicoloured Skirt | Museum Mile
Buckle Blue Clutch | Subcouture
Dior Tribute Red Carpet Stilettos | Special Offer
HotBuys Marni Inspired Pearl Earring Right | Bonjour Bizou


  1. Ooh love it.
    Is there any way to make the neck look less weird and actually make it fit on the neck properly?

    1. Thanks :) I actually quite liked the neckline it made - it's got a sixties vibe to it.

      You could do a couple of things - originally I was going to style it with a black turtleneck (the black polkadot one from Fallen Angel is a good choice because it has no sleeves) but I thought it looked too heavy for the look I was going for.
      You could also take any black top with a fairly high neckline and layer it underneath to extend the skirt waistband across the shoulders, which would make wider "straps". Or you could just wear it higher on the shoulders than I have (hiding it behind long hair could help with this).

      If you wanted to go for something more drastic, you could shrink the skirt even further, so that the skirt's waistband is roughly the width of the neck then layer it over another dress....

      The world's your oyster with this one I think!

    2. I actually was going to suggest wearing a black turtleneck beneath it, but when I did actually try it myself, I didn't seem to like it as much. The dress kind of lost its charm.
      I do like the idea of shrinking the dress even further, will definitely try it out!

      I currently have styled the skirt as a dress in my suite, so if you don't mind having a look and providing any suggestions it would be great.