Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Peaches & Green

Do you ever miss the bulk of a Limited Collection and get so frustrated you just impulse-buy whatever is left? I feel you if you do. I waited patiently and just couldn't click fast enough. So I bought this obscenely expensive green, sheer dress in a complete sulk. 

Of course that means that I now own an expensive, green, sheer dress. And I might as well do something with it. 

After playing with it for a bit, I don't completely hate it, although it is a bit ungainly. The skirt is quite long which makes it hard to layer, and the green is a much warmer shade that I'm used to styling. That said, it looks lovely with this peach shade and was the perfect vehicle for me to crack out this loved, but under-utilised backpack. 

I'm not sure how often I'll go back to this piece, but I am pretty pleased with this look, so on the balance of things, I guess that's a success.

Ingredients | You Will Need
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Peach Leather Skirt | Fendi Tribute
Alexandre Vauthier Inspired Metallic Boots | Limited Edition
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Jeff Koons Inspired LV Backpack | Limited Edition

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