Sunday, 8 July 2018

F E V E R | Release Review

And now we've gotten out usual summer release - new Fever! The previous releases of this store have been pretty good, last year there were some amazing pieces, so there are high expectations for this release =D But I love the look from the heading advertising, the yellows and oranges are perfect!
Highlights So this release has just one floor, so maybe a little smaller than the previous releases. And there are a couple of male looks as well. The theme of oranges and yellows flows through and I think it works well as a collection.
Accessories For a small collection, there's a pretty good range of pieces and styles in accessories. The Suede Espadrilles Sandals Orange and Beige are quite nice basics for summer, I like the espadrille style, but not so sure on the platform. I also like the scalloping and the straps around the ankle - they're worth zooming in on to see those details! There are 3 bags, I really quite like the red Japanese Tote Bag which is a large folded style, and the Clutch Orange Bag which is a Cult Gaia inspired piece which I think is great. I love this brands designs and even better that it's in orange^ The Crystal Embellished Sunglasses are cool, a deep pink/red toned round pair, with studded detailing around the frame. And lastly the Spaghetti Neon Earrings which I really like for their solid gold hoop with the orange detailing ontop.
Clothing The clothing has a focus on swimwear - with 4 sets to choose from, both bikinis and one-pieces on offer. I don't typically go for swimwear for my doll, but I do like the look of the Cutout Bandeau Bikini Top and Bottoms in the muted orange tone. I like the high-waisted design and the retro feel to the pieces. There aren't much in the way of other pieces of clothing, which is a little disappointing as there was a larger range last year, but what there is is very nice and fitting with the season. I love the Patterned Cropped Trousers, the orange in them isn't too bold and the print is very cool. The sheer panelling is also very current and I think it looks really good with the colours and design. I'm loving the zig-zag patterning on the hems of the Puff Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top and Zig Zag Skirt, the colours are fabulous and they're perfect for summer - I just wish the pair of pieces matched in their base tone as the top looks a little orange to the red of the skirt^
Prices This release ranges from 8 to 19SD's which I think is pretty fine and on par with the previous releases. Nothing is SS or Royalty only so is available for everyone =)
Styled Outfits Styling these pieces really gets you in the summer mood! First up the Patterned Cropped Trousers which I've ironically paired with black! I didn't have the perfect top in the burnt orange tone otherwise I would've used that but I think the black works equally well and highlights the patterning in the trousers. Love getting to use this belt, I think it works well for the trousers, and of course one of my favourite pairs of orange shoes^ Next up the Clutch Orange Bag which I am so in love with! I found many clothing items that it looked good with - but ended up choosing these awesome floral trousers with just a hint of orange in them, it works out well! I also made use of the Spaghetti Neon Earrings in this look but I think they blend with my hair a little which obscures them, but otherwise I'm loving this summer styling =) And finally the Puff Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top, I used the blues on the shirt which I think works quite well for the trousers and shoes, a smart summer styling with heels^ I like the looser fit of the top too with this look. And a simple bag, a little red which I like against the blue =)
Features I didn't find many people wearing this latest release - I think with the Tribute season upon us, that other releases get a little forgotten, luckily not by bloom_xx_layla though who is styling the Japanese Tote Bag which looks fab as a clutch! The black dress looks amazing and the bag absolutely pops out being bright red, and fitting with the fishnet tights and the beret^ I think all of the accessories have been piled on well, I'm particularly loving these boots too!

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