Sunday, 22 July 2018

I N S P I R E D B Y A L E X A N D E R W A N G | Tribute Review

Finally here at our second Tribute release of the season - Alexander Wang! I feel like this is a store a lot of people have been wanting for a while and I think it's been quite requested! I was super exited as there are some fabulous Wang pieces to be had, so lets see what's on offer =)
Highlights So I won't lie, I was a little disappointed with this release as it's quite the opposite from my preferred style - it's very street-based. And it might just be me but there's a lot of similarity throughout some of the pieces. There are 3 male looks though, so that's a bonus^
Accessories The accessories are quite mixed, but there are some great pieces in there. In the shoes I love the Alexander Wang High Sandals in the baby blue with the perspex and the strap up the leg which remind me of the Dior style from several years back, these ones look fab! Also chose the Silver Button Mules, despite being flat because I think they could layer well with heels to make something interesting. In terms of boots, the Wang Inspired High Leather Boots have been incredibly popular, they're a pretty decent wardrobe staple to have and I love the patent sheen. I also quite like the Alexander Wang Stripe Knee Boots, they're a little different and I don't like how they look on the foot specifically but overall they're not too bag. There are a number of bags available and I like the range of styles there are. The Attica Fanny Pack is the obvious most popular piece, these shoulder-slung styles of bags are what everyone wants! I however am really loving the Net Bag in baby blue, which is a layered piece of two bags together, and the Roxy Bucket Tote which is bold in red which has great studding and chain detailing, it brings a great pop of colour to a look. I'm also a little tempted by the Diamond Thank You Bag - I've not seen anyone wear this yet but I think the design is nice, I like the small handheld style and of course it's silver^ And that's it for accessories - no jewellery included.
Clothing It's a very street based, as it's not my thing I'm finding it hard to look at it neutrally! There are a couple of dresses, the Alexander Wang Inspired Mini Dress in a wrapped grey style with a structured neckline and shoulders which is actually looking quite alright, and the Alexander Wang Cutout Leather Dress which I do like the look of, but it's just a little too cutout and revealing, I haven't seen anyone wear this piece. There are quite a few tops on offer, one is much more of a bra than a top, and three are very close in style, the Studded Crop Top Woman, Alexander Wang Inspired  Studded Top and Alexander Wang Warrior Top - the last of the them is the better of the choices but still they're not hugely wearable pieces. The most wearable is the Pinstripe Hybrid Shirt Bodysuit, it's a pretty unique piece, I like the colours and the stripes with the cami, but I'm not sure how much use I'd get from it. Leather is the main theme in the outerwear, the Wang Inspired Leather Trench which I think is super cool yet not for me, and the Wang Inspired Jeans Leather Jacket which has an oversized style to it. There are so many bottomhalves in this store - I'm a little annoyed at this as I always want more of these pieces and now we have them they're like the opposite of my style. Quite a few short pieces, the Deconstructed Trench Skirt is the best of this bunch, style-wise pairing with the Wang Inspired Leather Trench. Then 4 pairs of trousers, all black and grey based, for me it's the shapes and fits on the doll which don't work out well - otherwise I'd definitely be wearing the Wang Inspired Studded Jeans!
Prices This collection ranges 16 to 38SD's and nothing is SS or Royalty only with the only limit in that the store will be gone by the end of the summer.
Styled Outfits I liked putting the pieces into outfits, and actually I found it pretty easy for them to fit with my current favourite trends and pieces. First up the Alexander Wang Inspired Mini Dress which I've styled in somewhat of an autumn/winter look with the dark boots and coat, but I really like it. Loving this snakeskin-style bag, the colour works perfectly with the dress =) Secondly the Alexander Wang High Sandals and Net Bag paired in blue - both pieces are light and really are highlighted against this darker blue dress, I think the styles all fit together very nicely and this is a great summer look! Lastly I've styled the Roxy Bucket Tote and Silver Button Mules, I'm not huge on flat shoes but once I tried them on in the Plaza I thought they'd be an easy one to layer, and I was right! They have paired with this pair of heels so well and it looks reasonable seamless^ This opens up many options for the shoes and I love them in this feminine style with the pinks and the floral trousers, really do love this look!
Features And the looks from you guys! First up frankieiz12 wearing the Studded Crop Top Woman and the Wang Inspired High Leather Boots. I love the use of the orange pop in the clutch and the lipstick against the pieces, and particularly like the layering of the long sleeved body underneath the Crop, it looks so good! The skirt is a good length for the boot height too^
Funopler chooses the Alexander Wang Warrior Top with this cool silver-based styling - it has layered very well with the black sparkly piece beneath and the pattern of the piece isn't lost. These trousers are fabulous in the styling and overall the look has been accessorised very fittingly with black and silver =)
Next up is MissDark1990 wearing the Attica Fanny Pack which has cooly been styled with the addition of extra chains, and also the Wang Inspired High Leather Boots. The navy skirt adds a little difference to the look which makes it pop agains the black -based stylings. Also loving the cropped hairstyle and deep purple lip in the beauty style!
And lastly tolady looking a little more casual in the Wang Inspired Jeans Leather Jacket and the Leather Jeans Hybrid - I like them with the trainers, and the light colour of these adds at least some lightness to the outfit. Particularly love the use of this black leather bag, it fits very well with the styling, I think it's just right^ 

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