Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute Review

So yesterday the new Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute store was released on Stardoll:
I think the general store presentation is pretty good, I love the shelves at the side displaying some of the shoes is a good idea - I assume taken from the pics of one of the Nicholas Kirkwood stores on his website[see my post here]. In RL Nicholas Kirkwood is just a shoe designer(and a really fab one at that!), but I like that Stardoll have included clothing and accessories into the Tribute store as well - they may not be inspired by any of his designs, but they are well designed and are all pretty reasonably priced. My two favourite clothing items are the Spider Web Dress and the Pink Sunset Jeans - I can't wait to wear both of these items, out of all the clothing in the store I think they are most 'me', but there really is something for everyone there which is great!
Spider Web Dress with Hotbuys Plastic Basket and Silver Shimmer Heels
Pink Sunset Jeans with Red Metal Heels, Ocean Lace Blouse and Givenchy Bag
 So now onto the shoes - which should have been the main focus of this post really as Nicholas Kirkwood is a shoe designer! I think Stardoll did a great job in recreating the designs from the RL versions, however I didn't feel like many were to my style(a bit unfortunate as I would have been happy to buy every pair that I liked!) I did manage to find a couple of pairs that were perfect for me in one of my favourite shoe styles[see here]and I can't wait to style them.
I also snapped up pretty much all the accessories from the collection too, the bracelets, necklace and sunnies - these are all well priced, you can never be without too many little bits and pieces to help finish off a look!

So what do you guys think of the collection, and what are your favourite items?

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