Saturday, 1 December 2018

Patched Up

It's December! It's now acceptable to make every outfit you wear EXTRA in the name of Christmas!

I've actually been cleaning out my limited/rare pieces that I've been hoarding over my 13 years on Stardoll (bizarre to think there are kids on this site who weren't born when I first logged on) which led to this dress - I have owned for many years, never styled it, but I can't part with it. 

It's all kinds of awkward, but I love it - that asymmetrical hip action and the odd patches, unusual colour scheme - it's random.  

I've decided to make it more random, with an extra tassel that picks up the flecks of red and a pair of unnecessary gloves. I finally got my hands on these HotBuys boots from a while ago (why didn't I buy them at the time darn it!!) and I like that they transmit a very different vibe to what should be a demure cocktail dress. Everyone at the Country Club Christmas party is having quiet polite conversation, and my doll's knees are squeaking as she returns to the buffet table to quaff another glass of champagne. 

Finally, I've kept my beauty look exactly the same because I'm lazy the tiny red hints in the dress match the tomato red lip I've been wearing for ages and I love a messy ponytail with a cocktail dress. The conspicuous lack of earrings is to show off the decolletage because my doll has collarbones and she ain't afraid to use them.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Patched Silk Dress | Voile
Flower Embroidery Leather Gloves | Windows on the World
LE Tassel Earring | Limited Edition
Selena White Clutch | Young Hollwood
HotBuys Vinyl Couture Boots | Fallen Angel.

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