Monday, 10 December 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | December 2017

It's that time again, revisiting the Hotbuys from last year! They were very much party themed, with a choice of dresses and associated accessories to choose from. Most of these pieces weren't so much my thing as they're not so much everyday-pieces, so I've passed on some of the items to better homes - however I have made good use of the Miu Miu Inspired Platforms surprisingly, platforms aren't normally my thing but these ones are pretty nice, I think it's because they're metallic! So this time I'm styling up the Bow Front Glitzy Dress and the Faux Mink Hoop Earrings:
So I still don't think this dress is a piece for me - I really like this styling, I think it works well for the dress and I think the bag is a great pairing for it, but I still can't see versatility in it. I do want to like it, but I think it's just not for me, so I'll probably sell this piece soon. I do very much like the earrings though, there have been a lot more green pieces released in the past year so there are a lot more options for pairing these earrings and I think this skirt is an awesome one^ I liked coming up with a winter based styling for the pairing and I really like it! So I'm definitely keeping a hold of these =)

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