Friday, 7 December 2018

P R E T T Y ' N L O V E | Feature Set

I was excited to see a winter release of Pretty 'N Love to show that pink and feminine styles can work with winter pieces too - but this release was somewhat disappointing. The pieces are quite unlike the Pretty 'N Love that we know well, they're mixed in style and design and colour. For me they just don't work, which I'm quite sad about =( But that doesn't mean it's the same for some of you guys! I've found some fab features with the pieces that might make you and me reconsider them =)
First up Mia1435 wearing the Pink Lace Flower Dress but as a skirted piece - this works very well! The colour looks great on her, and works well with the cream shirt and the tan coat, great natural tones for the feminine styling. The accessories are good too, the shoes fit the style well and I love the draping pearl necklaces^
Next up we have mfentyx wearing the Feather Top which really is different for Pretty 'N Love! It looks great layered up with this lace skirting, the textures are great against each other. I also love the use of the frilled sleeves, they're super cute^ The beauty look is stunning too, very striking and great at drawing you in!
And finally frankieiz12 wearing the Faux Red Blue Coat and also the Pink Triangle Sunglasses. The glasses look great with the base of this look, the skirt and shirt are good together, the colours a perfect fit together and pulling in the glasses. While the coat looks great with the striped socks. It's a mix-mash of pieces, but one that looks very cool =D

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