Friday, 30 November 2018

N O V E M B E R 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Another month, another set of Hotbuys! I'm so stoked about this set of pieces for November - the advertising really sold these pieces to me, from the styling to the colours and choice of pieces, just perfect for me =) I think they're pretty spot on with trends and with the season and I'm looking forward to working with some of these^ So far it doesn't seem like there will be December Hotbuys, so this may be the last review until 2019!

Ozzy Wool Shirt - First up, a twist on a classic shirt, it's tan! I really like this as something totally different to choose in my wardrobe. It's a smart piece buttoned right up to the neck and it has a great fitted fit on the doll, pretty perfect for the season if I do say so myself =) While for sure it is to match the Wide Trousers I do think it has a reasonable versatility about it too. Bizou 21SD's
Stilleto Ankle Boots - I'm a little unsure what to think about these, they aren't what I was expecting, I'm not sure if I like them or not! The beige colour makes them quite wearable, they'll work with a lot of different styles but I think it's the shape that's making me unsure. The toe is quite square, and they have quite a tight fit on the foot but then a super skinny heel - I don't think they suit my doll well, but they look amazing in one of the features below, so maybe I will still be convinced! Pretty 'N Love 18SD's
Monile Bag - Ok this bag is amazing! It's minimal yet very stylish in shape and the design of the golden metal clasp, it looks super expensive (luckily it's not)^ The clutch style is great for this season, and the tan colour is making a very good come-back too. I think this works well with this set of Hotbuys for the colour - tan is usually something I struggle with in accessories, but I'm excited about this one =) It Girls 19SD's
Wide Trousers - So maybe you have seen my 1 Week 1 Piece post styling up these trousers, you will have gathered I very much love these =) These are a pretty classic style of trousers, they are fitted at the waist but have a very nice wide leg with a pleat down the front - super smart, and the tan colour makes them fairly versatile as I've found out! Everyone is really loving these, I can't count how many people I've seen style them in completely different looks, a great investment if you ask me^ Bizou 19SD's
Wool Trench Coat - This is the epitome of a great winter coat, I'm stoked to style this! The oversized fit is great, I love layering a lot and this will be great for that. I also love the colour, the brown definitely stands out, and the subtle checks definitely make it that little bit different from other pieces. I think it looks great on the doll and I'm looking forward to seeing others styling it through the winter too =) Bizou 30SD's
Stone Tricolor Necklace - Some jewellery next with this piece. It's a super delicate necklace on gold chains, of course immediate bonus points from me for that^ I like the 3 chains to it and the different stones, I think it works and looks realistically like something someone would wear. The stones are nice tones and I think will look great layered with a V-neck. RIO 16SD's
Ruffled Satin Shirt - This is a piece I was really looking forward too, it's such a beautiful satin shirt and I adore the green colour! It definitely wont be everyone's cup of tea, in fact I haven't seen anyone else style it yet, but I think it's so cute. I love the mini scalloped trimming to it and the styling of the open collar, and I think it looks great on the doll - it will be fab in the springtime! It Girls 22SD's
Lace-Up Boots - A second pair of boots, I'm definitely more on board with these than the first pair! I love that they're white, I don't think I have any quite like this, white with a pointed toe and a nice ankle height. They're definitely unique with the lace up front and the lacing around the top, it looks great on the doll. Ankle boots are so easy to wear so I don't see it being tricky to style these, but again I haven't really seen anyone wear these yet. Original Future 18SD's
Snakeskin Split Skirt - What I have seen people wear is this skirt! A snake print midi to add to out collections and it's a great one =D It has a double slit on the front, so great for showing off your winter boots, and the colour of the print is a perfect neutral one. Really a versatile piece, or as versatile as snake print gets! I've been wearing my leopard midi a lot still, so I'm looking forward to getting the same wear out of this one =) RIO 23SD's
Throw On Blazer - And the final Hotbuy, a second coat and something a little more neutral than the first. This over shoulder style will always be a popular one, and in this light colour I think it will work well for a range of styles and be quite wearable all year round. The tone looks a little pink on it's own, but as soon as I started pairing it with other colours it definitely came across with other undertones. It looks good on the doll and is a solid end to the month^ Pretty 'N Love 27SD's

In this first feature Andre1396 makes use of both the Ozzy Wool Shirt and the Wide Trousers - see, they were just made for each other^ I love them with this leopard print jacket, the tones are perfect for each other. The boots fit well with the theme, and I love how the burgundy of the bag looks, it stands out well but doesn't draw all the attention from the HBs =)
Our second feature, millaxx, really sells me the Stilleto Ankle Boots, they just look amazing in this styling and it makes me wonder why I doubt them - I just think I can't replicate anything this good! They look fab with the jeans, the roll up is perfect for them, and the sweater is a perfect colour match for them =) Love the intricate golden jewellery too^
And finally Jacquemus wearing the Snakeskin Split Skirt and looking hot! This skirt is just so versatile =) I like the black and white tones with the skirt, the print stands out well against them. I also loved the use of pink in the look, it's fab^ The bag and the lip gloss colour are perfect choices for this styling!

And finally my own stylings, as usual, I try to style the pieces that aren't included in the features, and I sure packed a lot into these! First up the Stone Tricolor Necklace and the Ruffled Satin Shirt, the V of the shirt is a good place for the necklace. I stuck pretty minimal, but wanted my accessories to match the shirt colour - which was harder than I thought it would be! These shoes are an ok match, but not perfect, and I couldn't find a bag, so that will be my next challenge =) Secondly the Monile Bag which I just love so much! I found a lot of different pieces that worked with it, but went with a classic with this leopard midi, the bag pops but also matches just nicely =) The knit is a good piece to work with both items, and I chose these shoes for their golden ankle strap - I really like this look! And finally wearing both the Wool Trench Coat and the Lace-Up Boots in another white-based styling but I really like it - the coat stands out against the pale base, and the boots pop from the cropped length of the trousers. I'm excited to wear both of these pieces again!

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