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L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

This weekend brought us a brand new LE release! We got a little warning with an offer on Thursday and the spoilers came out too, so we knew a little of what we were getting in this wintery release =) I love the seasonality of it too, and the advertising looks pretty fun^
Highlights The store is themed in an icy Amsterdam, which I really love, the interior has super strong game this time! There are two floors with 10 looks across them, although no male looks this time. I wouldn't say there's a running theme so much with this release, but there's definitely a sort of divide between warm winter pieces and more party-esque styles =)
Accessories While the release lacks in belts and jewellery, there is quite a range of shoes to choose from! There are 3 pairs of boots, the Silver Leather Boots, with a pointed toe and almost an animal-print texture, the Mulitcolour Fabric Ankle Boots which are the shorter darker version of the first pair, and the LV Inspired Red Snakeskin Boots which are a shorter ankle height but in a bold colour. I think these are all amazing, and very current pieces in fact I'm surprised they haven't sold out yet, especially the tall Silver Leather Boots as I think these will make some amazing outfits! Then there are also heels, with the duo of the Leather Trimmed Satin Mules Black and Leather Trimmed Satin Mules Pink really standing out to me as some of the best pieces of the whole collection! I was super excited to see these in the spoilers, they are originally designed my Malone Souliers and I've worn a blue pair before, so to have a pair for my doll is perfect - and these colour choices are great, you get something fun and something versatile^ There are 4 bags to choose from in this release, to me none of them really have the wow-factor I look for in pieces, the Croc Effect Leather Clutch is pretty cute, but I have similar heart-shaped pieces. I do quite like the Fendi Inspired Wrap Bag, which is in a bucket style with the long strap hanging, which is a style I really like =)
Clothing And now the clothing! While not everything is my style, I really like what there is on offer. I'll start with dresses/sets as those make up most of the collection - there are 8 to choose from, ranging from minimal to extravagant. On the minimal side of things is the Jacquemus Inspired Wool Skirt and Top which are a beautiful knit set in a beige tone which looks very wearable - the slit in the skirt isn't quite so wearable, but they're truly stunning pieces, even though the top has some sheer panelling that I'm not quite 100% sure about. The rest of the pieces do fit together quite well with chiffon and mesh used in them all - the LV Inspired Silver Puff Dress and LV Inspired Net Dress are a cute set with a very close style, just them being in silver and red respectively. They're both mini in length and while they have a nice fit, they're just not pieces I would wear very much. If sheer is more your thing then you could get the very glitzy Glitter Split Dress which is fitted with a large split and very intricate lace detailing, or the Multicolor Net Dress which has a red bodice under a sweet skater skirt. And for floaty chiffon, there are the Molly Goddard Inspired Tulle Dress and Blue Dress - I really like the wrap style of the Burgundy with the open collar and all the ruffles, but I'm not sure how much I'd wear it yet! There are a couple of skirts, which look pretty cool actually, the Fendi Inspired Checked Skirt and the Suede Gray Skirt, both in midi lengths for winter - the colours are also pretty cool for winter too with grey tones in both. For more Fendi you can also wear the Fendi Inspired Puff Cape which is in the same print as the Skirt with a cropped length and wide collar, or for a more glamorous cape you could go for the Faux Fur Cape which is a polo, cropped furry bolero style piece, it's super extra^ I lastly want to mention the Velvet Robe, I think this is a beautiful piece, I love the deep emerald colour to it along with the silver printing and the trim details. It's something pretty unique and I think will look great in many stylings =D
Prices This release ranged from 52 to 179SD's - as usual as this is LE, the store is available for SS and Royalty members only. The release was preceded by an extra SD offer when topping up, so there was a deal to be had if you wanted to become a member^ The price range is very much in the same region as at least the last 5 releases. 
Features Because I bought quite a few pieces I wanted to showcase more looks than would fit here, so today you can check out all the features and soon you can see my stylings =) First up we have 2 stylings with the Velvet Robe - this look is from Fyusha styling it paired with the Fendi Inspired Leather Tote using similar colours in this sweater. It's a combination I love! The tones are perfect together and the navy skirt looks good. Also loving the chunky socks, flat sheeny shoes and the huge sunglasses^
Also in the Velvet Robe is SoMillie looking amazing in layered velvet! These trousers are amazing with this Robe, I love the colours together so much, a great wintery styling^ The lacey detailed top also looks good and I love the layering and use of the chunky jewels, they're definitely a focal point to draw your attention into this styling!
Next up is a handful of looks using the Faux Fur Camel Coat! This first one is from Yaoi who also wears the Fendi Inspired Checked Skirt. I love the layering of the white tee and black polo, I think that looks cute, and the black works well with the boots too. The bag in a deep purple really stands out and I love its inclusion in the outfit =)
Secondly -Lady_Sweet- just wears the Faux Fur Camel Coat on it's own in this autumn to winter styling - I love these creamy toned jeans with the tone of this coat, super cute, and the brown-based ribbed top is a perfect piece to wear - it fits the style but doesn't draw your attention from the main pieces. Also loving the golden and black accessories, these are on point!
And finally in the Faux Fur Camel Coat is Mia1435 using golden and cream tones as a base - this knitted sweater is perfect for the coat, the textures look great together and with these golden velvety trousers too, they look great with the fur^ I love the nude boots and then the pop of pink with this bag, it looks fab and with the matching lip colour too =D
The final paired stylings before a few individual ones - two with the LV Inspired Silver Puff Dress. This first one is from saintreptilian, who layers the dress with black to make the silver stand out. These boots are perfect for it, and I love the long draped belt with the use of the buckled and chained pieces on top, it's a fabulous combination. And that makeup look, it's fantastic^
Then also wearing the LV Inspired Silver Puff Dress is turkiye choosing a lighter look and also wearing the Fendi Inspired Checked Gray Bag. The dress also looks great in a silver-based styling, these boots are also perfect with it, so it does have some versatility to it^ I like the addition of the white sleeves beneath it, those are great for layering. The jewellery and silvery bag finish off the style very nicely!
Next up we have RiManiKordenty, styling the Fendi Inspired Puff Cape with the October Hotbuys Fendi skirt instead of the new one - that's a good solution to spending less money if you already have this^ The pieces fit together well and look good with the black base. The leather in the gloves and the calf-height boots are great with the sheeny-ness of the clothing, I love that the legs are shown off =)
Bianca.Vos wears both the Leather Trimmed Satin Mules Black and the Fendi Inspired Leather Tote in this sweet styling - I just love the use of the tartans! The sweater and cardi look great together and work well with the browns in the new pieces. The black trousers are a good fit with the shoes and manage to hold their own against the brown tones, a super cute styling^
And the final feature, a little something snazzy from Achrome wearing the Faux Fur Cape - isn't this just the epitome of elegance?! It looks awesome with this silvery sparkly dress and the matching tights, those are fabulous! The gloves and shoes and heavy diamond necklace just add to the glamour of the styling, a great job =D

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