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I N S P I R E D B Y F E N D I | Tribute Review

Tribute season is here! The first of our Winter 2018 Tributes is Fendi! We've had some Fendi before and it's been pretty good so I was quite excited for this one =) The advertising looks great to me, I love the printing and the colours, the pinky/orangey vibes are fab and just my thing - the models look great overall too^
Highlights This release had 2 floors of 8 looks in total, maybe it seems a little small compared with previous Tribute releases? While I quite like this release, the style is quite geared in one direction, so I don't see loads of pieces that will work for me, however I've seen many compliments about this collection, so it's had a good reception and there are some fun and stylish pieces to work with this season!
Accessories The collection has a great mix of accessories to choose from, which I love =) Shoes, bags and more^ There are 4 pairs of shoes, firstly the Fendi Inspired Orange Pumps which are the individual pair, the colour is amazing, a great orange shade to have, maybe almost a peach. The design on them is unique and looks very retro. Then there are 3 similar pairs, the Fendi Inspired High Sandals in Beige, Blue and Black - which is a good range of tones to choose from, a little something for all outfits in the one style. I really like the strapping on these, and that the height isn't too high. The design on them is super cool too, it definitely stands out, it's worth zooming in on these to see it^ I love the square shape to the toe that all the shoes have, it's a great style addition for a look and it works well in this release. The release has 5 bags - 3 of which are in the popular belt-bag style, which I think people will go crazy for! The Fendi Inspired Belt Bag comes in both White and Orange, two colours which work very nicely for me - that gives both a neutral and a bright option for whatever takes your fancy. The design of these is pretty minimal and true to the original, which also gives an option for DIY customisation, which is fun^ There is also the Fendi Inspired Crossbody Belt Bag which is in an army green tone, but has additional straps and a little neutral pouch attached too. There are also normal handbags, I automatically went for the Fendi Inspired Orange Bag, it's very much my thing! The tone of orange is a little muted, so means a few more styling options than a bold tone. It's handheld and the size is pretty nice, it's also got quite a minimal design which I like. And there is also the Fendi Inspired Peekaboo Bag which is a take on the older piece of similar style, the refreshing of a classic^
Then there are a few extra pieces in the category. There are 2 pairs of glasses, the Fendi Inspired Spotted Glasses which have a clear lens, and the Spotted Mirror Fendi Inspired Sunglasses - I like the choice to have the traditional sunglasses or the clear 'glasses' lens, I think this gives good options for people. They have a cute polka dot design and the shape is very pretty. Then there are also 2 pairs of socks - these will surely go down very well in the Plaza =) The Fendi Inspired Logo Socks which come in both Yellow and White, which is good to have. They do look great with the choice of shoes on offer, and I think people will be able to make good use of them along with the previous Fendi socks that we've had!
Clothing And then the clothing! While it's an autumn/winter release, it does feel a little more summer to autumn than full winter pieces, but I still quite like it and think the pieces could work into a warm wardrobe. There's a lot of sporty pieces too, which I'm not so much a fan of, like the 'thights' I think they're a little odd, and while I tried out cycling shorts a little while ago, I'm not completely on board with them! There are 2 dresses in the release, both of which are quite different to each other, and quite pretty. The Fendi Inspired White Long Sweater Dress is a more casual minimal piece, it has a cute off-shoulder detail and is in a white jersey material. I absolutely love the Fendi Inspired Romb Dress, it's super sheeny and stands out, I love the patterning on it and the layering of the fabric, plus it looks fab on the doll! There are also 2 skirts in the store, first the Fendi Inspired Pliss Brown Skirt which is a sweet midi pleated piece which has a nice shape. It's pretty minimal, nothing makes it stand out as a Fendi piece, but for me that helps make it more versatile. The colour looks great on the piece and I'm excited to wear it. I'm also excited for the Fendi Inspired Beige Skirt, I think a lot of people will pass on this, but I think it looks good and very wearable - it's also a midi piece but is more fitted with a nice frill detail around the hem.
The Fendi Inspired Beige Skirt also comes with a matching jacket, the Fendi Inspired Short Fur Jacket which is quite cute, I'm a little undecided on buying it though - it looks good on, but I'm not sure about the cropped length and rolled up sleeves, let me know what you guys think! There are quite a few other jackets in the store as well. The Fendi Inspired Faux Fur Bomber is another cropped piece, it's brown with some red detailing, quite cute, but I'm not sure how versatile. The Fendi Inspired Brown Leather Jacket is a twist on a classic leather jacket, with a V neckline and a cinched waist. I really like the colour, but still not sure about the rolled up sleeves. The Fendi Inspired Transparent Leather Jacket is another twist on a classic leather jacket with perspex plastic panelling and a brown trim, it's something a little different but takes a cool style to pull it off^ Then lastly there are two patterned pieces, the Fendi Inspired Phoenix Jacket is a shorter piece with square shoulders and a red and white print on a black base, it's a pretty smart piece. And lastly there is the Fendi Inspired Pattern Fur Coat which is a definite favourite of mine, it's a much longer piece and the orange and red diamond print design is on a white fluffy base, super cute^ This one has long sleeves and a classic cut of a coat.
Prices This release ranges from 13 to 37SD's. Nothing is in SC's, nor is anything SS or Royalty-limited, which is good. I suspect the store will be around for approximately 4 weeks, and there will probably be a 'last chance' warning to get the pieces while you can!
Styled Outfits I didn't go too over the top with my purchases, but no doubt as soon as I see the 'Last Chance' warnings I'll be all over it again! I'm really quite pleased with my stylings, I love them for my doll right now^ Firstly the Fendi Inspired Romb Dress, styled with burgundy pieces - the boots and bag really help the print stand out on the dress - I like the pink glasses, they lighten up the accessories and work with the base of the dress. Secondly, the Fendi Inspired Beige Skirt which I am pleased to see work well on it's own without it's paired jacket. I love this length with boots, and this chunky knit is perfect for the winter. The sweater colour and texture works very nicely with the trim on the skirt and the main base colour stands out nicely - this piece is definitely one to give a chance to! And finally the Fendi Inspired Pattern Fur Coat and Fendi Inspired Orange Bag - these pieces are a great pair with the orange highlighted in the print on the coat. I kept it minimal with just a white polo and a belt, which cinches the waist. And orange heels of course, these are a great choice for the coat, and I finished off the look with more sunglasses^
Features And so many great features to share with you today! First up -Lady_Sweet- wearing the Fendi Inspired Pattern Fur Coat, but as a skirt and it's so cute^ It works great at a skirt, I love the colours paired with it, especially the yellow knit, and the white fluffy coat really finishes off the clothing nicely =) Accessories are great too, the red bag pops and I love the orange trim on the glasses.
Next up focusing on accessories is cinderela23barb styling the Fendi Inspired Orange Bag in this orange-based look, I love it! The bag manages to pop out against the other orange pieces, it suits the layering really well and I like it with this little quilted piece^
Now we have two looks featuring the Fendi Inspired Pliss Brown Skirt - this first one is isajapa styling up super minimally and summery fitting with the blue sky interior^ This shirt has a great fit and design to it, it's perfect with the skirt, and the belt really adds a nice shape to the outfit. Also loving these shoes, they're fab!
And secondly with the Fendi Inspired Pliss Brown Skirt is marina495, styling it up more wintery showing it's versatility! It looks good with the black of the coat, which opens a lot of options for it, and I love it with this cute collared blouse. The accessories are perfect with this outfit, the bag is spot on for colour and I love how glamorous it is with the red lip and earrings =)
Marta-43 is wearing a few pieces, the Fendi Inspired Thights and the Fendi Inspired White Belt Bag with a couple of older Fendi items in use too. I really like the combination of the white and brown, I think it gives the opportunity for each colour to pop, the socks work very nicely with the styling and I really like the addition of the brown bag on the belt, it looks great!
In this next styling anaritamiranda also wears some 'thights', the Fendi Inspired Black Thights paired with the Fendi Inspired Logo Socks White and the Fendi Inspired Transparent Leather Jacket. I think the jacket looks great against this smart beige blazer, they're a cool combination, and the black of the shorts and the boots really adds a nice contrast. I also think the bag choice stands out nicely and highlights the brown of the jacket =)
And the final feature, Jacquemus wearing the Fendi Inspired White Belt Bag and the Fendi Inspired Brown Leather Jacket which look great together! I love the idea of black and brown together, so a base of black in this styling works super nicely - I love the shape of these trousers with the look, and the white boots are perfect with the belting =D

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